Changing the air filter on your car on a regular basis can provide many benefits.

Although it may appear at first sight a relatively unimportant part of your engine compartment, it is the first line of defence in preventing small particles entering the engine and causing serious and expensive damage.

A tiny particle will over time cause damage to pistons and cylinders. You will save money by ensuring that your air filter is fit for purpose and prevents even the smallest particle entering the engine chamber.

Changing your air filter will ensure your car is running at its best and will prolong the life of the engine.


A damaged filter will result in a drop in the vehicle’s performance. By restricting the airflow into the engine, a blocked filter will curtail the amount of fuel which the engine needs to operate at the highest level.

It is also important to check connections in the cooling system. An Insulated Flexible Duct such as those found at will help the flexibility and insulation of your air transfer.

Whilst efficient performance is key, this is also reflected in mileage gained from fuel input. The more efficient the engine, the more miles to the gallon you will achieve. In sharp contrast, a damaged air filter means less air enters the engine compartment, which the engine needs to burn the fuel – so more fuel will be used to maintain the car’s output. Average fuel to air ratio is 1:10,000 when running the engine, reflecting how important a free flow of air is to the performance of your engine.


In recent years governments have focused on engine emissions, and these are a key part of any MOT. The reduction of air flow which can result from blocked air filters can affect emission control systems and cause dashboard lights to illuminate. Better airflow alleviates this problem.

Similarly, spark plug and ignition systems can be badly impaired when the air/fuel ratio is out of kilter.

Information on fuel and emissions can be found at the government website.

A damaged air filter can cause many other issues within the engine and its component parts, and yet many motorists continue to ignore the problem, despite the fact that the air filter is one of the least expensive components to replace.

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