Tattoo Removal Session

So, once you have booked in for your tattoo removal session, it will be on your mind, and you may think you should prepare yourself. We often get people thinking they are helping us by tidying the area or moisturising it well, and actually, these are things we don’t want you to do before your tattoo removal in London. Let’s look at some of the things you shouldn’t do and why.

No Instant Regret Removal

We have seen several cases of instant regret, but sadly you cannot come straight out of the tattoo shop and into a laser removal clinic, no matter how much you hate it. If we were to try and remove a fresh tattoo, we could end up with a bit of a mess. Until the ink has healed, there is a genuine danger that trying to remove it could cause the design to be retained and leave you with some pretty gnarly scars. It needs to heal well for around three months before removing it.

No Epilating The Area

We have seen every sort of body hair under the sun. While tattoo artists shave the area to get a smooth canvas, we would prefer that you leave it well enough alone for around six weeks before you come in. Avoid epilators and chemical hair removal as these damage the skin a little and make the removal process less successful.

No Fake Tanning

Fake tans change the colour of your skin and use chemicals to do this. So, if you want a good result from your laser tattoo removal, please do not use spray tan or tanning lotions on the area. Not only can this additional chemical element make it harder for the laser to break down the ink, but it can get caught up in the process causing permanent pigmentation that will spoil the results.

No Real Tanning

Wow, this is a real buzz kill! You also need to avoid sunbathing in the run-up to your tattoo removal. The response to the UV rays changes the skin, which means the laser can react differently with the ink, and again we do not want that!

No Skipping The Details

It might seem irrelevant, but when we ask you about medications you are taking, it is essential that you tell us the truth. Some drugs can negatively affect the outcome, and while we get that disclosing your medical history is a deeply personal issue, it matters. Consider us like any other medical professional, and rest assured that your records are always protected and confidential.

No DIY Removals

The safest way to remove an unwanted tattoo is to use laser removal in a professional clinic like ours. We have seen some real disasters of DIY removal gone wrong, and not only is this unpleasant for you, but it also makes the chances of a good result doubtful. Say no to the friend who offered tattoo removal cream, avoid dermabrasion and salabrasion, and do not go there when it comes to acid. It is dangerous.

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