Housing in this world, is indeed a very complex matter. Having to buy and sell houses have been one of the much known way of trading. Because obviously, all of us need houses and some of us are rich enough to own it, while others rent it. In any case, there is trading happening.

Now imagine you are looking for flats for sale in Bangalore, so how shall you search for it? And imagine you have a lot of property and most of them are not occupied by you so wouldn’t you want to put that property out for rent and earn some profit for your already present asset? Of course, who wouldn’t?

Now all these are housing needs and there is one place where the people who have housing needs go. People have been knocking the door of these people since centuries for the housing needs. Yes, they are the real estate agents or brokers in simpler words.

The tradition of assigning a broker while you want to search for a property or if you want to give out a property has been practiced since decades.

Now, a broker needs to be a really sharp and smart person. Imagine how difficult it gets for you to find just one house or to rent out or sell one property. These people do it every single day. Imagine how fast their minds might be going and how precise and attentive these guys are. Trust us on this one, real estate agents are the smartest of people.

But now as we all know, the demand of real estate agents have lowered down and is going down gradually due to the internet, yes!

Now that people can get all the information and can find options online they tend to avoid the brokers as they have to pay them a good amount.

So in this era, a broker needs to have a lot of more qualities in him and should be sorted and well versed more than a housing site. So basically it is man vs machine.

But the machine can still help you in this,

Below are 10 best apps a real estate agent of broker should use to better his work,

  • PDF escape- want a computerized sign? This should be handy
  • dotloop- this app will make it easier for you to make your own documents.
  • Sign easy- another way of signing on the go.
  • Vert- this app helps you convert quantities and measurements making explanation easier.
  • Cam scanner- this is a app that lets you scan important documents anywhere through your phone.
  • Dropbox- another good apps to store all your important documents safely.
  • Sitegeist- this apps give you information about the area you currently are in and this surely should help a broker.
  • Mortgage calculator- this will help you give clearly data to your client and be very precise.
  • Google maps- now this is something that every broker must have, you should have all your maps in place.
  • com- this app will give you full details about the properties that are out for sale and rent and people looking for it.

So here are the 10 apps every broker should have on their phones and this will make their work a lot easier. You should be thorough with your research and this shall help you in it. Being a broker requires a lot of effort surely.

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