The upcoming handset of the most prominent mobile manufacture company i.e. Samsung is Galaxy S7. Samsung till now not reveal the specification in brief but people spread many rumors in the name of Galaxy S7 which are just logic less and unbelievable. It is obvious that this upcoming set of Samsung is going to be the best selling and most popular mobile phone but people are waiting for the more details regarding the specification of this hand set. This time Samsung change a lot of thing on the body part of this new Galaxy S7 mobile phone. The body part is awesome and made of metallic alloy magnesium material that just offer alluring look. Samsung preview that this will be the best handset than other Galaxy models. This advanced new generation mobile phone will most probable lunch in 2016 in the month of February to march. But from now people are expecting some great features those are just amazing and unbelievable.

Features of this trendy Galaxy S7 smart phone:

These features are not hundred percent right but these are some rumors that people spread about this Samsung mobile phone. These are like:

  • When you talking about the display people says that the Galaxy S7 will come with 4k resolution and the amazing AMOLED display technology and the screen will 5.5 that offer you excellent viewing angles of videos or images.
  • 4 GB RAM which is just awesome and offer you smooth running experience of this mobile phone.
  • People expect the retina scan technology and ID button technology in this mobile phone that is just unbelievable.
  • Internal storage is always important for a smart mobile phone because you need to store videos and other important documents in your smart phone and most of the people are saying there is 128 GB internal memory in this mobile phone.

Comparing with iPhone 7

People are justcreasy about this new generation mobile phone and the expectation level of people is too high on Galaxy S7 even they don’t hesitate to compare this phone with iPhone7.Actually the Apple brand users feel little bit uneasy but what they will do about the rumors. It looks like better than iPhone7. Some blind believer of Samsung Company also spread rumor that Galaxy 7 is the most advanced phone till now in all over the world. Samsung brand believer and follower already prepared to buy this mobile phone because they believe Samsung never harsh regarding features. The outlook of this Galaxy 7 is just awesome and the body part is quite different than the other body part of Galaxy series. This trendy phone will definitely come with some advanced features and the main attraction of this mobile phone is the glass is fully scratchproof and protected with advanced Gorilla glass. The other facilities like 4G technology for high-speed internet surfing and the strong batter life of 3000 mAh people are expecting from this most popular upcoming handset of Samsung i.e. Galaxy S7.

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