This is an era of iPhones and people are crazy about them. Of course, since everybody cannot afford lavish brand new iPhones, they prefer to purchase second ones. Here, to buy a new iPhone is hassle free most of the time. It is because you just go to Apple Store or any dependable Gadget store and purchase a new iPhone that has a warranty.

But in case you are planning to buy a second hand iPhone 6, you must check it from all angles to ensure you are getting something that is worth your cash. Once you begin to explore, you will see that there are various fake iPhones out there on the shelves of stores. You have to make sure that you are going to grab a genuine one. So, before you spend your pennies on an iPhone, just check out the following points:

Body Factor!

It is possible that the iPhone you are purchasing has a replaced body. It simply means you don’t know what it has been through. It might have survived a worse fall or simply submerged in water. Here though the exterior may look fresh and glossy, the internals might have a whole new story to tell.

Note that on back of iPhone you shall see IMEI number. Compare it to one in the Operating system. Just get into Settings -> General -> about, jab down to IMEI, and make the comparison. In case the body has been changed, you could manage to get it at a cheaper cost.

Usage Time

Many individuals sell their iPhone just a couple of months after buying it. It is maybe because they didn’t like something about set or the software that works on it. Such devices are good for repurchase, because they are as decent as new. However, you get it at a cheaper price. In general, you must avoid a phone that has been used for a long time.

Research costs

There’s no convenient way to calculate the precise value of iPhone you want to purchase. But you can get a general idea of the usual costs people are paying by inspecting resellers and carriers. Fortunately, once you have set your sights on a specific model, it will not take long to track a trickle of sites to compare costs.

Test Session

Once your phone arrives, inspect it to ensure it is in good working order. Look for scratches, dents, water camera lens and screen cracks. There have to be no lines running through screen or any shade bleeding. Shine a flashlight on phone and in its open ports and the slot of SIM card to check white liquid contact indicators for erosion from water damage.


It is the biggest concerns for iPhone users. A brand new iPhone 6 gives generally one and a half day of battery life with usual usage. You should test battery life of your second hand iPhone before you plan to purchase it.

There is nothing wrong in buying a second hand iPhone 6. Once you have these important points in mind, you can make a right choice!

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