Your outfit tends to be incomplete without a watch on your wrist. Wearing a watch not only portrays your sense of style but also tends to make you feel more confident and powerful. The way, putting on a watch can alter the way you feel always leaves me flabbergasted.

Women’s watches these days, come in all sorts of different styles, colours, and shapes. Even though all of these might look stunning with your outfits, not all can promise to be sturdy. You will always have to keep worrying about how you are treating your watch. Whether it has got any scratches or if you bumped it somewhere, tends to add to your tension. That tends to take the fun out of wearing something you love. You should be carefree and not have to worry about how your watch is doing.

Here are3 gorgeous as well as sturdy watches that you should check out the next time you go shopping for watches.

  • The Fossil Jacqueline Three-Hand Date Leather Watch: Fossil has always been known as a reliable brand when it comes to women’s watches. This American brand offers a wide range of watches, from dainty, pretty ones to very sensible and smart ones.
    The Jacqueline is a watch that is the perfect amalgamation of dainty and sturdy. The dial has a rose-gold-tone and numerals. It is available in 14 different colours for the leather bands, ranging from a pink-neutral colour to a unique This watch not only looks great but is also sturdy. This watch would be great for any sort of outing.
  • Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Watch: This women’s watch is perfect, in terms of style for all the minimalists out there. This watch has a very classic look to it. It has a plain, simple, circular dial with a few gold/ rose-gold details. The iconic colours for the strap are white and navy blue but if that is not your style, then you can always choose from one of the numerous interchangeable straps. They have straps in shades ranging from tan to black that are also available in different materials. This watch offers a very neutral but sporty vibe. You could possibly wear this out to a sporting event. I’m sure it will make a great impression.
  • Guess Chronograph Watch: These watches are not as dainty looking as the other ones. These are much bulkier and exude character. The dial is much more significant and offers many more details. The watch comes with leather straps in different colours. The navy blue strapreally complements the blue-black colour of the dial. This watch would give you great company on treks and hikes but also add a lot of style and pizzazz to your outfit.

These are three of the sturdiest watches, ideal for an outing. Not only would they stay intact throughout, but also impart more character and value to your outfit. Women’s watchesare always considered to be with small dials and dainty and usually not very sturdy,but these watches prove all these stereotypes wrong. These watches can withstand a whole load of crashing and burning.

There are many more watches that come under this category,and these were only the tip of the icebergs. The watches can range from affordable to very expensive and come with a large variety of applications. Choosing from such a wide variety can be a task,but whichever one you choose, you are sure to find a quality product which suits your style. Make sure whichever watch you buy, it makes you feel confident and powerful.

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