Celebrating special occasions together is important to enhance the love in your relationship. Special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s day and anniversaries help you to create beautiful memories with your partner and make your journey of love more beautiful. But, for people who live miles apart from their partner, it becomes really difficult to celebrate each others birthdays together. However, this doesn’t mean that long-distance couples should be upset about it as there are many unique and fun long distance birthday celebration ideas to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Check out the following ways to enjoy your beloved’s birthday even when you two are separated by distance:

A Birthday Countdown with Flowers

Here is a romantic way to make your partner feel special and loved on his/her birthday. Start a countdown to your partner’s birthday by sending a beautiful bunch of flowers every day till his/her birthday finally arrives. If you are skeptic about sending flowers to your boyfriend then, you should know that there are certain blooms meant only for boys that would bring good luck and happiness in your boyfriend’s life.

Send a Delicious Cake for your Partner

Well, a mouthwatering cake is a mandatory and the sweetest birthday gift that everyone deserves on their birthday. You can go for a heart-shaped red velvet cake to wish your partner a very ‘happy birthday’ in a romantic way. In fact, cakes are most romantic birthday gifts online that you can send online when you are miles apart from your lover.

A Special Video Happy Birthday Wish

Well, you must be communicating with your partner via Skype on a daily basis. Right? But on your partner’s birthday, you should walk an extra mile to make your beloved feel special. You can collect video birthday wishes from your partner’s close ones and merge them all into one video. Your this effort will really make your partner feel loved by you.

Send a Jar of Love Letters

Although you can email a birthday message or text a birthday message, surprising your partner with a jar of love letters will make his/her birthday really special. So, write down all your thoughts and feelings for your lover in a paper, enclose them in a jar, and send this romantic gift to your partner on his/her birthday. This gift is something that will treasure by your beloved for the lifetime.

Amaze your Partner with a Surprise Visit

It will be really meaningful if you can plan a surprise visit on your partner’s birthday. This surprise can escalate the happiness of your partner and you can make his/her birthday really unforgettable this way.

Just make sure you don’t drop any hints about your surprise visit on your partner’s birthday.

Give Love Tokens to your Beloved

To make your partner feel loved and special on his/her birthday, send him/her beautiful tokens of love like a love locket, your photographs, a handmade birthday card, chocolates or any other thing that would bring a beaming smile on your partner’s face.

So, make sure you celebrate your partner’s birthday in a romantic way even if you guys are miles apart.

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