Looking for inspiration for how to make your bar area more festive? Well, look no further:

  1. Cutlery Stockings

If you serve food, this is the perfect place to make a Christmas table. An easy and cute idea is to put your cutlery in little stockings. Why not make it even more special by adding sweets or a personalised note inside the stocking, wishing your guests a Merry Christmas for example.

  1. Father Christmas Cups

Get into the festive spirit by serving beverages in Father Christmas glasses, cups and mugs. To save money, you might want to create some DIY varieties. Think of how many photos your guests will take of these cute cups and upload onto social media, giving you some nice free advertising!

Don’t forget to stock up ahead of the pre-Christmas rush and check your inventory in good time. Remember to cater for those who might be driving or simply don’t drink alcohol. Make your money go further with Post Mix Suppliers like empireuk.com/post-mix-equipment/post-mix-dispensing/  

  1. Hang Stockings on a fireplace

A quick and easy way to transform a fireplace into a festive one is by hanging some Christmas stockings. Be as creative as you can. They don’t just have to serve as decoration either. Why not fill them with menus, advertising leaflets with offers and discounts or napkins?

  1. A Warm Welcome

Start the festive cheer before your guests have even entered. Decorate your front door and entrance way. Ideas could include wreaths, fairy lights, baubles, mini trees or tinsel.

  1. Light or Bauble Jars

A great way to set the mood inside your establishment is by decorating tables with jars or vases filled with lights or Christmas baubles. When you lower the lights, the place will look really atmospheric, festive and cosy.  This is cheap and easy way to transform your space.

  1. Hot Chocolate

If you don’t normally have this on your menu, now is the time of year when it will go down a storm. You could make a tidy profit by offering customised, luxury hot chocolate complete with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles etc. Find some unique containers to serve them in and don’t forget additional flavours and spices to serve a warming cup of loveliness with a twist.

  1. Table Wreaths

Another festive idea for your tables and bar is to lay out Christmas wreaths. Place a wreath in the centre of each table for instant Christmas spirit to get you and your guests in the mood for some festive spirit.

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