Wedding – a cheerful day with a packet of emotions such as love, faith, affection and many more. Before holding each other’s hands & fate, bride & groom work their best to make the day momentous. Wedding is a link that connects bride & groom’s heart, and makes a bond stronger.  

The key element in your wedding will be none other than flowers. Flowers help in enhancing the look and ambiance of your wedding. In any wedding activity, their presence is what, everyone seeks for. It includes several tasks starting from wedding decoration to make a bridal bouquet and aisle arrangement to create an adorable centrepiece.

They never make you disappointed with their ability of fascinating others through their charm. However, wedding flowers must be as beautiful as a bride. But, not more than bride, otherwise they can overwhelm bridal charm.

Guess, how will you select them among vast categories!….

Through these ways, you can choose your wedding flowers

Well, flower selection is a complex thing, as there are numerous flowers that differ in shapes, sizes, fragrances and colors. Thus, here’s a guide to help you in making flower selection for your special day.

Do your homework before selecting flowers

Explore innovative ideas through wedding magazines, or online blogs. You can also use Pinterest or Facebook to find current trends & styles. If your wedding gown is full of heavy materials then, you shouldn’t go for shower bouquet as it can overwhelm the beauty of your wedding dress.

Honestly, guests are more curious about your costume on the special day rather than any other thing. But, that doesn’t mean, you can ignore your bouquet. Well, it’s an element to give your look a special appeal. So be careful while selecting flowers, they should not be dominating the rest other features.

Be real & transparent

However, flowers take your big amount. Do you aware of this fact? If no, then fit into your mind. They aren’t cheap so you have to be frank about the budget. Before consulting florist, be clear with your mind about your budget margin. Although, small ups & downs is negotiable but not a drastic difference.

As your wedding budget can highly affect your rest other expenses. Wedding arrangement is not the only task that you have to focus on. Right? If there is any budget problem with your desired flowers then ask your florist to help you in the matter. He may suggest you some alternatives that you can choose for.


Flowers are known for their mind-blowing fragrances but it’s not for everyone. Since everyone likes the pleasing smell but for some of the individuals, the smell can be allergic. An example of flowers with allergic smell is calla lilies, spray roses, gerberas, and hydrangeas. 


It’s not a big deal to ask about delivery time and set up a time to your florist. Mostly, they are more focused on their work rather than you. But, it’s important to be clear from your side too. You should try to reach before 2 hours at the wedding venue.

This can give you sufficient time to arrange everything, still, it’s not too long for flowers to stay out of the water. So be sensitive about the factor.

Special words…

This is a special tip for all the special ladies, who’re planning to marry that read the guidelines and be ready with the ideas before your wedding. Flowers can be your charm-booster so, select them wisely. Bless you with the best wedding. Good BYE….    

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