There are many homeowners who put off getting new double glazed windows because they think they cannot afford them. However, what those homeowners don’t realise is that it can cost them more in the long run if they are not replaced. It is important to understand that double glazing is an investment, particularly when it comes to selling your home in the future. Double glazing is no longer viewed as a luxury, but rather as a necessity.

So how do you know when it is time to get new windows? Read on to see if any of the six points, or perhaps all of them, apply to you. If so, it may well be time for new double glazing.

6 Signs You Need New Windows

  • Feeling a Draft

Sometimes it may not be that obvious, but other times, you could be sitting by the window and suddenly feel a mild chill. Feeling a chill is usually the first sign that your windows will need replacing, and it is time to look for double glazing companies in Kent.

  • Turning the Heating Up More Often

Are you feeling somewhat colder and seem to be putting the heating up more often and for longer periods of time than you normally would? Chances are, your draft just got a little worse, causing there to be more cold air coming in and more warm air escaping.

  • High Energy Bills

Have you recently received an energy bill for a larger amount than usual? When heat escapes, your heating system has to work overtime and, therefore, your wallet does too.

  • Creaking Windows

Creaky, rattling window frames from frequent opening and closing are a potential sign it is time to get new double glazing.

  • Rotting and Mould

Rotting and mould can happen in old wooden frames and will worsen with age until the window is eaten away by mould and the glass falls out of the casing.

  • Hearing Noises

Can you hear the neighbour’s dog barking or perhaps even your neighbour’s conversation? If so, your windows are not functioning as they should because they are failing to keep sound out.

Not Convinced? Here Are the Benefits of Double Glazing

  • A Warm Environment

New double glazing makes for a warmer home and eliminates the need for scarves and jumpers inside. You can finally relax in the comfort of your own home and feel snug.

  • Lower Utility Bills

With new and effective double glazing, the heating in your home will be stored more efficiently and for longer, which means you can enjoy lower energy bills.

  • Presentable Windows

Double glazed windows are easy to maintain and keep clean. They also won’t creak when you open them. This means they will last a long time and make your property look presentable.

  • Peace and Quiet at Last

With new efficient windows, you can keep the noise outside, rendering your home a relaxing and peaceful haven.

  • Increased Value

Just like an extra bedroom or a conservatory, double glazing can add value to your home. If you decide to sell later on, you will get more bang for your buck.

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