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4 Questions To Ask Your Decorative Concrete Contractor When Paving Your Driveway

A simple renovation of your driveway can go a long way in completely altering the look of your home exterior. You also do not have to invest an arm and leg for these renovations anymore. With the advancement in technology now the humble concrete can be transformed into something that resembles much expensive outdoor decor materials. Decorative concrete has definitely made a huge impact in outdoor decor renovations particular with the added durability of the materials and their cost-effective availability. However, if you are contracting your driveway renovation and this is the first time for you to be using decorative concrete for the project, there are a few questions that you should definitely clear with the contractor beforehand. After all, the final outcome of the project depends quite heavily on the coordination between your contractor and your vision for your home.

What is the ideal budget for your driveway renovation with decorative concrete?    

The cost of decorative concrete is only slightly higher than regular concrete paving. However, the cost will be dependent on the measurements of your driveway and the type of finish you require for the final look. However, make sure to get a customised quote from your contractor to have an estimated budget ready before the work starts on the project.

How important is sealing the driveway during the renovation?

Decorative concrete is given various looks and finishes by using polishing technology and mixing stains to give the right colour base. However, if your driveway is porous and not sealed properly, it can mess up the final finish of your concrete in some time. It is advisable to talk with your contractor with regards to sing sealers on the driveway before the concrete is laid down for the final finishing. 

Is there a warranty option available on decorative concrete projects?

Based on the quality of your concrete suppliers in Perth WA, you can ask for a warranty option on the renovation project on your driveway. You should hash out the details of the warranty option before the project is started.

Why should you choose decorative concrete over stone or granite pavers?

You can choose any number of materials for your driveway renovation depending on your budget and preference. However, decorative concrete has an advantage over natural stones or granite pavers in the durability of the foundation over the long term. While stones and granites have short term viability because the pavers often collect moisture in between the grout joints which make them vulnerable to become loose or chipped over time. Instead, decorative concrete does not flake, chip and at most fades to a natural colour with constant sun exposure. This gives more character to the final look of your driveway.

Make sure to consult closely with your concrete suppliers and contractors to ensure that you have all of the pertinent details in hand before the renovation begins on your driveway. Make sure to only hire established contractors who have a wide range of experience with decorative concrete. Remember the finesse of the professionals here will have a direct impact on the final look and styling of the decorative concrete when paving your driveway.

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