Your bathroom might not be very big but it can still make a design statement. You shouldn’t let your bathroom decor bring the rest of your property down and this can easily be rectified by a spot of interior design. How you style you bathroom can be important if you want to sell your house for more than you bought it for. This is because the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house so adding value to that will add value to the whole house. If you have made your bathroom as good as it can be then you may want to begin the process of selling your house. There is a legal process with this, which is done by conveyancers who are responsible for the legal change in ownership of the house.

Wherever you are in the UK you can find a conveyancer company. If you are based in Birmingham and interested in finding a conveyancer you may wish to google conveyancing solicitors Birmingham companies, where you will find multiple options of businesses, such as. If you think your bathroom needs some work however here are some easy ways that you can give it a whole new look, and they don’t have to cost too much.

Add matching accessories

According to research by an architecture and design company, less than 2% of British consumers see their bathroom as their favourite place in the home; however, you can change the whole look and feel of your room simply by adding a few designer accessories. Go for a style that complements your current colour scheme to add a touch of sophistication and make you want to spend longer lingering in there. Silver accessories and finishes are popular and give the room a contemporary look.

Fit a pedestal sink

A new pedestal sink will look elegant in any bathroom and can also save space. Choose a design with a simple white finish to give a clean, crisp and modern look.

Have a shower door

On average we each have 277 showers a year; therefore, you will want to protect the rest of the bathroom properly when you are in the shower. Shower curtains are cheap and can quickly harbour damp and mildew, ruining the overall look of your bathroom.

Install a designer radiator

When it comes to bathroom radiators there is so much more choice than there was a few years ago. Designer radiators are particularly popular at the moment and add a point of difference to your bathroom. They come in a choice of white and chrome finishes, with both curved and straight designs, enabling you to choose a product to suit your particular style.

Re-grout tiles

Even with a regular clean the tiles around showers and baths can suffer from mould and start to look grubby and unsightly. Re-grouting them can take a bit of time and patience, but the finished look is well worth the work and considerably cheaper than a whole new set of tiles.

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