There are different ways to heat a room and one such way is through under floor heating. Here it involves a system, where a boiler of very high efficiency heats water. This process that is undertaken is by using a polyethylene pipe of very high quality for circulating the heated water.  This pipe is laid on the floor slab and the procedure is done in a low temperature, thus the running costs are also minimized.

How does this system work?

  • This system of heating the room is very effective as it slowly transforms the complete floor into a warm state. The room thus is equally heated with the help of the radiant heat.
  • This system of radiant heat works well in collaboration with pump system of Co2 heat. This method of Hydronic heating system is also cost-effective and also cuts on consumption of gas.
  • The heating system of under flooring is usually low therefore, it would be ideal if integrated with the source that is solar energy. This in fact would be ideal for Hydronic slab heating.
  • The hot water that is collected in the roof top with the help of solar energy if used along with a boiler boosted gas, will give rise to a system that is energy efficient.
  • One can enjoy the radiant heat with the help of this integration because the energy that is required is only supplied by solar component. It only needs a bit of boosting which works as a very efficient heating system.
  • Initially the costs might be a little on the higher side for slab heating, but once the system starts operating efficiently, the costs reduces as compared to the other solar systems.

Benefits of slab heating

  • This system is quite old and is ideal for the homes. The room is heated slowly and there is a very warm and gentle feeling as the heat that is emitted from the floorheats up the entire home.
  • This system also works well in those homes where the space of the wall is utilised in a premium way. The heat radiators are not visible and so the space that is uninterrupted allows one to move freely.
  • A new method of heating the floors is by using floor coil system. This works well in either a concrete or a tilled finish floor. The floors that are made of timber or carpet also can use slab heating process.
  • The ability of floor coil system is almost like other Hydronic system that has increased efficiency. The heating is done with the help of electronic actuation system that controls the environment of the room through the system of the ability.
  • Any individual would see an additional benefit of the slab heating through floor coil system and that is, it involves low cost of installation. Here the low cost is due to the fact that the heater boils at a very low temperature. The condenser boiler which has a high efficiency is coupled with floor coiling system which in turn makes the system much more effective.
  • One can install floor coiling system matching it with the designer radiators that adds to the flexibility of the system. Apart from this, f slab heating creates comfort as the heat is emitted throughout the room evenly eliminating the cold spots.

What is In-Screed Hydronic heating?

This is the latest heating system and is considered to be a superior form in slab heating. Now what has made it special?  Fact is that in this system the heat loss is reduced considerably. Due to this the running cost as well as the reaction time is improved. A new system has been invented in this system, where an insulation barrier is installed over the structural slab. On the whole the Hydronic slab heating is an unobtrusive and efficient heating system.

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