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As one of the broader services that we handle here at Just Employment Law, dispute resolution covers a multitude of different situations and scenarios and can be instigated by either party. What this means is that employment lawyers are often brought on board to represent either side of the dispute, though our Glasgow employment lawyers tend to work most often with employers and business owners to protect the reputation and integrity of the business.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing a little about dispute resolution and what can cause it, before diving into how employers can manage this kind of case.

What Is Dispute Resolution And What Causes The Dispute In The First Place?

Dispute resolution does what it says on the tin, stepping in to facilitate a negotiation or settlement agreement as a first step, and carrying the procedure through to the tribunal if necessary.

The reasoning behind this kind of case can be anything and everything and can be instigated by either party. By this, we mean that the perceived wrongdoer could be the employee or the employer depending on the case, with some of the most common disputes that we come across including fraud and misconduct, contractual disputes, and disagreements in the workplace.

The Dispute Resolution Procedure

In many cases, any kind of complaint will first pass through the employer’s or businesses internal grievance process, during which the evidence will be explored and both sides will be given a chance to put forward their case and hear the response from the other party. Generally, it is advised that this is managed with the help of an employment law specialist, who can facilitate and navigate any complex negotiation discussions and seek to resolve matters out of a formal court setting.

If the case is taken further and no agreement can be reached, the dispute may be taken to the employment tribunal where our professional lawyers can represent you as an employer, to protect both your connections and the reputation of your business.

Can My Business Survive A Dispute Resolution Case?

Absolutely – it is all about how the case is handled and how your professional integrity is protected. For the most part, bringing in a specialist employment lawyer early in the process is the best way to ensure complete protection of the business and its assets,

If you are concerned about an accusation being made by an employee or want to discover more about our annual retainer service which ensures there will always be a lawyer on hand when you need support or advice, get in touch with our team directly.

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