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If you’ve ever hired our trees surgeons in Essex before or found yourself reading into the role of a tree surgeon, then you might have found a rather overwhelming list of services that we offer.

The fact is, the role of a tree surgeon is varied and covers both the maintenance services required to protect and care for trees, as well as the health and safety requirements which include pruning, felling, uprooting, and more. 

In this blog, we thought we’d share just some of the core services that we offer here at the Essex Tree Brothers – identifying the differences between each service so that you can easily decide which services you need, and when you need them. 

Tree Surgery: What Is It And What Does It Include? 

Tree surgery refers to any and all services which maintain, care for, and preserve the tree so that it remains in the utmost condition. Tree surgery is integral for the conservation of trees and can include actions and services such as pruning and canopy reduction to maximise the health and lifespan of the tree.

Tree surgery involves working with machinery at great heights and is considered a dangerous job – which is why finding a local professional is so important whether you are a homeowner, landowner, or commercial property manager. 

Our Most Popular Services

Services tend to vary based on whether we are being hired by a commercial or domestic client; however, some of the most common include the following.

Tree Felling: this refers to the removal of trees by cutting them down and sometimes also digging up the roots, often for reasons relating to health and safety or an underlying disease within the tree. Stump grinding may also be required after the felling is complete, to remove the stump and reinstate the level ground. 

Crown Reduction: this is a service which bridges both the aesthetic value and presentation of a tree and its health – by trimming and pruning branches so that they fall back in line with the overall shape of the canopy and the tree’s crown, while also removing any dead or dangerous branches. One of the lesser-known benefits of crown reduction is that it thins the outer layer of the tree’s canopy, to allow more sunlight to access the lower branches.

Tree Surveys: our tree surveys are designed to identify useful information about single trees and groups of trees, including things like age, species, condition, root spread, and more. The aim of these surveys is to isolate any species that may require further protection and understand the condition of the trees for ongoing maintenance. Surveys are generally secured by new homeowners and landowners who want to get to know their surroundings. 

Tree Planting: this service sees our team help you to identify the best trees for specific locations, planting them to ensure the highest chance of survival.

Finding The Right Tree Surgeon For You

Here at Essex Tree Brothers, we offer advice and hands-on support with a variety of outdoor projects including planting, felling, and everything in between. Get in touch with us directly to chat to our tree surgeons and find out how we could help you.

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