Best Cat Breeds For The First Time Owner

There aren’t many things in life as exciting when it comes to becoming a pet owner for the first time. It’s like the beginning of a new relationship or a companionship that includes love, friendship, and care. Imagine never being bored or alone at home anymore, as these cute little pets give you the best company you need.

Getting your first pet is, no doubt, a great experience, but it can also be an overwhelming one for many of us. There are different breeds of animals that come in various sizes and preferences. But when it comes to cats, every kitten breed has its own and has a unique personality. There are few kittens that you can comfortably look after, whereas some need more time and attention. Now it depends on you to get the right one for yourself.

Spoiler Alert: Unfortunately, your new pet may also bring some undesirable traits like a pungent odor to your house. Hence, it is better to control the situation from day one; and you need to give proper training to your cat, and in the process, it would be better to get your cat familiar to use a litter box. There are many litter boxes available online at the ease of a few clicks, and you can bid farewell to all the unbearable odor from your house.

Below are the details of some famous cat breeds to help you chose the right one


Like the old history of Persia, their cats are among the most popular cat breeds of all times among the pet owners. They are long-haired and even know as “Persian longhair.” They have a short nose with large round eyes and a large round head, and a small neck and muscular body on short legs. The short tail is proportional to the whole body.

Persian cats are also known for being quiet and sweet, and they disapprove of a loud environment. Persian cats love their home, where they enjoy sitting on the lap of the owner. These cats are very affectionate and need daily grooming and regular bathing at least once in a month.


As we all know, Thailand is a popular destination for tourism and honeymoon, etc. But that is not the only purpose of its popularity. One of their breeds is known as the Siamese cats. In the US and Europe, these cats are one of the most favorite breeds. These cats are known for their sleek body. And one of the most magnificent characteristics of these cats is their spread color patterns, which are in darker shades on their ears, face, tail, legs, and feet.

They need regular care, and It is better to brush them weekly. Siamese claws need regular trimming, like every 10 to 14 days. These cats love playing with toys. They quickly fall for their owners just like puppies and love to follow them around. But remember, never try to ignore them, or they may feel sad. They need your attention all the time.


No, we are not talking about Bengal Tigers here; we are going to talk about Bengal cats. These cats are famous for their leopard-like looks and athletic body. The marks on these cats look like they belong to a Safari jungle. Their patterns are spots and rosettes. These cats are best known to be sweet and loving cats that like to sit on a lap and love cuddles, but then who doesn’t?

They are intelligent, active, energetic, and have a brilliant memory, that’s why they learn quickly. You can train these cats to sit, lie down, high five, etc. These cats are great hunters and love to hunt mice, squirrels, moles, and birds. You can give them toys to play around, and you can play games with them like fetch and throw.

You can bath them once in a month; frequent bathing may result in skin problems. These cats need regular exercise but make sure you don’t let them go outside without you.


Some of us may already know that Riverside, California, is famous for the birthplace of the citrus industry. But there is another beautiful creation that belongs to this area known as the Ragdoll cat. The looks of Ragdolls are similar to long-haired Siamese cats. They have attractive blue eyes. Without a doubt, Ragdolls are gorgeous creatures, and their long-haired breed with silky soft fur makes them more appealing. Ragdolls love to play and are very good with the kids. These cat breeds are also known for their gentle and calm behavior.

Ragdoll is one of the quietest breeds, and mostly, they only speak when they are hungry. Like other long-haired cats, Ragdoll also requires some care for grooming. Their average life is around 15 to 20 years; it all depends on their health and given environment. Ragdoll is also famous for its laid-back personality, but you can train them a few tricks quickly


So after reading the article, we hope you may have thought about shortlisting your pet selection by now. Remember, you need a lot of patience while teaching the kittens and need to monitor them carefully because they are energetic and don’t know how to stay away from trouble. Kittens also need timely vaccination. Unlike kittens, adult cats have already been vaccinated and adequately trained.

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