Here Is The Detail To The PET CT Scan That Occurs In The Pet Ct Scan Centres In Chennai

Keeping sound and fit is a standout amongst the most significant factors throughout everyday life. Whatever you accomplish throughout everyday life and whatever achievement you get the opportunity to appreciate and value it, you should in the best of your wellbeing and mental conditions to welcome all that you have. However, notwithstanding the infirmities and maladies being unwelcomed and completely detested by all, they are unavoidable. They are an integral part of life and they do occur, which is the harsh truth.

New advances have helped in creating numerous new types of gear, which have upgraded the method for finding, the line of treatment and quicker recuperation. One such conclusion technique is the PET Scan. It is short for Positron Emission Tomography.

All you need to know about the PET Scan, in detail

Among all the latest technological scan which have helped medical science to advance astonishingly is the PET scan. It is short for Positron Emission Tomography which is used to detect diseases in the body in the crudest and accurate way.

A dye, which has radioactive tracers are used for this test as the body is either injected with this in the veins of the arm or sometimes even taken orally, depending upon the location where it needs to be checked and tested. As this coloured dye with radioactive tracer is absorbed by the organs and the unlying cells, these tend to show different colours on the screen, where they are being observed. These different colours are due to the number of chemical activities happening at that point. With these colour scales and bands, the disease, its severity, its accurate location and its surrounding effects can easily be studied. This set up for the best line of treatment by the doctors and better recovery by the patient.

Uses of PET Scan, for cancer, heart and brain diseases

PET Scan is usually used to detect diseases like cancer, heart problems and diseases, any disease that might be pertaining to the brain or tumours. Even sometimes to check problems in organs, very closely, the pet scan is used.For cancer detection, the area which is affected by the cancer cells, tend to have very high chemical activities going on, unlike the rest of the calls nearby. As the dyed tracer is absorbed by the cells present there in large numbers, and the colour is pretty different there, it accurately diagnoses the presence of cancer.

Not just detecting the presence of cancer, it is also used in the detection and the chances of recurrence of cancer. As the cancer treatment is long, exhausting and difficult, this test makes it easy to stay in precaution as the follow-ups happen. Not just this, after the detection as the treatment proceeds, there is a need to check whether the line of treatment opted is successful and the correct one or not. Even during the treatment period, Pet scans are conducted to check the effects and the reduction in the disease.

When a PET Scan is used for the detection of any heart disease, it works in a similar function. There is a theory that healthy heart cells absorb more dyed tracers than any other ailing heart cells. This absorption by the heart cells show a colour pattern on the screen which is then studied and the disease is detected. For the heart PET Scan is suggested and recommended by doctors when the patient complains of repeatedly acute pain in the chest, excess weakness and sweating, there is tightening of the chest muscles or even difficulty in breathing. These all are minor indicators of some underlying heart problems. The doctor then recommends PET Scan and based on the accurate result derived from the test which helps in diagnosis, the treatment thus begins.

The PET Scan is also recommended for the brain or any neurological problems in the brain. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and many more such diseases are detected successfully by this scan. For the scan being conducted on the brain, they have attached wit glucose compounds which play the main role in the brain activities. The utilization of the glucose in different areas and parts of the brain will help detect the disease or the ailment, and also exactly in which part of the brain. This way a close study can be made to detect the exact problem, which will lead to better treatment and better and early recovery of the person.

The impacts

As stated earlier, the scan involves the use of radioactive tracer, there might be a query as to how much negative impact can that have on the body. Actually, the answer is negligible. These are in such fewer quantities and in such small amounts that they do not have any impact on the body metabolism neither will it have negative or grave consequences. This is established as full proof research and has been stated by researchers as well as doctors, who know there is nothing to panic about with its uses.

The centres where it is conducted

Among so many other tests, there is also the MRI and CT scans that too help in detecting such grave diseases. There is a difference, The MRI and CT scan only tells about the area, the organ or the majorly affected part of an organ which might be causing the problem, whereas by PET scan you get to know the exact location, minus the working of the organ. To make it more accurate, PET CT scan is recommended when the exact location needs to be found as in before surgery. If you are a resident of Chennai and need to get in touch with any of such diagnosis scans, there are many centres where pet ct scan in chennai can be easily done.

All diagnostic centres in all major cities have the PET on their service that they provide. Sometimes there are separate centres specially made for the PET Scan, such as in Chennai. There are many PET ct scan centres in Chennai.

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