Happy And Healthy Cat – Know the Secrets

Did you know that in the UK, there are over 8 million pet cats? Nearly one in every five households are cat or dog owners with many using services such as walkers and dog boarding Erdington. Domestic felines are the nation’s second most popular pet, beaten only by dogs. However, welcoming a feline friend into your home is a big decision, as they all come with different physical and emotional needs. If you are looking for tips on how to make life better for your cat, and keep him or her happy and healthy, read on.

A Healthy Diet

Ensuring your cat gets all of the nutrients he or she needs each day to maintain peak health requires more steps than just deciding between canned food or dry pellets in your local supermarket’s pet aisle. Giving your cat age-appropriate food is vital. Kittens, junior-aged cats and senior-aged cats all need different things from their food and diet.

Litter Trays Galore

According to the professionals, your home needs to have one little box for every cat you live with plus one extra. By providing plenty of litter trays, you can prevent unwanted behaviours, such as urinating, defecating or spraying in inappropriate areas. You also reduce the risk of your cats developing serious medical conditions, such as lower urinary tract disease and feline urethral obstruction. The type of litter boxes and the type of litter you use is also important. Whether you opt for covered or uncovered depends on the personality of your cat or cats.

Hydration Station

As humans, we all know that staying hydrated throughout the day is essential for optimal health and preventing headaches. Good hydration is just as important for cats. Today’s domestic breeds evolved from desert-dwelling wild cats who get most of their daily water intake from food. Consequently, pet cats do well on canned food that contains around 80% moisture and matches the water content of their natural prey. Some cats, however, will only eat dry food, which has a moisture content ranging from 5% to 15%. No matter what type of pet food you choose for your cat, make sure they always have access to fresh water.

A Good Grooming

It doesn’t matter if your cat is a short- or long-haired species, daily brushing is vital. A good brushing helps to stop your cat’s hair from becoming matted and reduces shedding. It also lowers the quantity of hair your pet swallows while self-grooming and prevents them from coughing up hairballs. Furthermore, a well-designed pet grooming brush will distribute the natural oils produced by the cat’s skin glands, helping to maintain a glossy, healthy coat. During each grooming sessions, you also get a chance to check for ear problems, skin sores and parasite infections.

A Comfy Bed

Cats need as much as 20 hours of sleep every day to thrive. You can make their nap time better by investing in a comfy, well-made pet bed. A well-designed cat bed provides proper back support and reduces the risk of bedsores. There is an incredibly wide range of pet beds with all different colours, shapes, sizes and textures available. It shouldn’t be hard to find a suitable design that within your budget and meets your cat’s unique needs.

You can enjoy a joy-filled life together by buying high-quality scratching posts and pet toys for daily playtime, registering with a cat-friendly veterinarian, investing in a safe travel crate and making wise choices surrounding your cat’s health and safety. You can show your cat how much you love him or her by helping them get the most out of each day.

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