Different countries have different immigration rules. But, there are some similarities and dissimilarities among them. So goes with the pet immigration to South Africa. Therefore, if you wish to send a cat to South Africa, it is mandatory for you (being the owner of the cat) to ensure that the cat is being sent in accordance with the pet immigration laws there. This may sound awkward but true that the process of sending a cat to the country must begin at least six months in advance.

What you should do in the 6-month period:

  • Pet microchip: As per the South African laws, your cat must be microchipped and the chip must be ISO 11784/11785 compliant. However, you can bring your own scanner to the airport, for instance, for the purpose of helping the authorities to detect the embedded microchip.     
  • Multiple tests: You have to take the cat for blood tests and others according to the schedule. However, there is an exemption in the case of the cats that are aged below three months and its’ mothers have been vaccinated 30 days ahead of the scheduled departure to South Africa.
  • Parasite treatment: Pets like cats develop many types of parasites both externally and internally. Therefore, those must be thoroughly treated before proceeding to South Africa.
  • Preventive care: Cure alone from the existing ailments isn’t sufficient here. Having said that, we mean, your cat must be given with the preventive care such as the vaccination. This is a must here failing which the cat might fail to be acclimatised and it will be rejected for immigration to South Africa.
  • Health certificate: You must obtain the health certificate of the cat within 10 days of arrival to South Africa. This certificate will be required to complete the Veterinary Certificate for South Africa.  
  • Permit: Without the permit for your cat, you simply cannot send it there. In other words, the procedure of permit should start at least 60 days in advance.  
  • Ticket: You must book a ticket for the cat in advance to avoid the last minute’s rush. Simultaneously, you must inquire in advance about the general rules there on the cat’s despatch.  
  • Standard container: Every airline has its own set of rules as regards the containers that would carry the cat. For instance, the South African Airways sells a special container for the pets like a cat on board.

In short, you need a careful and detail oriented plan to send a cat to South Africa much ahead of its scheduled despatch there. Follow the steps religiously. Alternatively, you can hire professional agencies for dispatching your cat to South Africa. Such an agency by default has a standard plan that works fine here. However, the hiring of an agency isn’t mandatory here, especially if you are confident of doing the same on your own. However, you must keep the pet cat under your own seat and supervise it while flying to South Africa. Different airlines may have different rules. As such, check the rules of your airliner in advance here.       

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