Deathcare professionals have a very difficult job that needs to be performed accurately, sensitively and efficiently under what can be extremely challenging circumstances. Many cemeteries are stuck in the past, using old methods such as paper ledgers and excel spreadsheets to manage their records, mapping, documents and data. 

Cemetery software however can revolutionise the way that your cemetery operates by helping to resolve some of the very specific challenges those in this industry face every day. Having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference and those that progress to a cemetery management system are able to easily optimise, improve, enhance and grow their business.

What Is A Cemetery Management System?

Cemetery managers and employees have a wide range of responsibilities, legal obligations and duties, from the handling of human remains and administration to maintenance, record keeping and providing public access.

For those that haven’t moved with the times and are still using inefficient methods and manual entry with paper records and excel spreadsheets, there is a better way to do things and that is with an effective cemetery management system.

A cemetery management system is a specially designed digital solution that helps to reduce mistakes, increase efficiency and ensure accurate records that are safe, secure and easy to access. This software can cover everything from mapping, finance and contracts to records, memorials, scheduling and more.

PlotBox – Not All Systems Are Created Equal

Not all deathcare software is created equal and PlotBox stands shoulders above the rest as an innovative solution that;

  • Provides a single source of truth with all data, deeds, maps, contracts and more seamlessly integrated into one system.
  • Harnesses the power of AI with inventory intelligence tools that are proven to identify risk, errors and hidden inventory.
  • Can be configured to a wide range of options and tailored to the unique needs of your cemetery.
  • Is highly configurable to allow you to stay in complete control of teams and access with personalised dashboards.
  • Future proofs your business with automatic updates at no extra cost.
  • Delivers a clear view of your inventory for quick, easy searches and real time updates.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on routine tasks by as much as 78% for a very real and tangible return on your investment.
  • Is Cyber Essential Certified to guard your organisation against cyber-attacks.
  • Ensures visible support through our portal with full status request tracking.

What Types Of Software Solutions Are Available?

PlotBox offers a wide range of cemetery software solutions which are broken down into different module elements. Some of the most utilised modules include;


Brings all your electronic records together into a single, easy to use database for greater visibility, quick answers and full accountability. 


Streamlines your workflows, better manage processes and ensure compliance with digitally recorded – orders, memorial information, renewals and compliance reports. 


Our high-resolution mapping options give the clearest view of your cemetery and provides digital mapping solutions that link with your data for smarter workflows, increased efficiencies, improved communication, reduced risks and a better customer experience.


Important documents are kept safe and easily accessible with a virtual filing cabinet that can be quickly searched and accessed anywhere at any time.


Single platform that streamlines accounting management processes and reduces time spent managing day to day finances such as invoicing, closing books, receipts and payments.


Real time scheduling system that makes it easier to manage and book appointments, cremations and burials.

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