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When customers get in touch with our skip hire Basildon team, they are generally looking to rid their home, site, or commercial premises of a large amount of waste in one go.

What many customers and clients don’t realise is that when their skip is full and has been picked up by the Red Skip Hire team, it isn’t funnelled straight into landfill – rather, it is sifted and sorted through at our waste transfer station. Here’s what happens to your waste once it has been thrown into a Red Skip, and why our service is considered an all-in-one waste management solution.

The Waste Disposal Process With Red Skip Hire 

With a range of different skips available for hire, the first step of the process is to identify which size of skip you require for your project – be it a full renovation with an ongoing need for waste removal, or a spring clean with just a few too many black bags for your neighbourhood’s bin day. 

Once you have worked out which skip you need, with our collection ranging from the compact 2-yard skip to an industrial-sized 14-yard skip, the team will be in touch to arrange a drop-off date and hire period – talking you through the ins and outs of skip hire so that you receive the full service without pushing the boundaries of skip hire in public setting regulations. 

As soon as your skip is full and you are ready for it to be removed, we will pick the skip up and take it back to our own waste management and transfer station, where it will be sorted as part of our Zero Waste to Landfill policy. Recognising the need to minimise the environmental impact of human waste, and with a big part of our company mission being to alleviate the pressure on landfill sites through effective recycling, our sorting facility is part of what makes us so different.

What Do We Recycle? 

So, what do we recycle and how? In short, we aim to recycle as much as we can, by passing all waste from your skip through our transfer system which separates components and materials like paper and card, glass, and plastic.

Any paper and card that we separate from the skip is washed and pulped ready for reuse, while plastic is processed for reuse and glass is melted down so that it too can be reused. We believe that anything that can be saved and given a new lease of life should be and that by integrating the waste sorting process into our hire fee and timeline, we can help our customers and clients to benefit from greener waste management. 

Anything that cannot be recycled is disposed of safely and efficiently, never relying on landfill. 

Hire A Skip Today

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little bit of waste or a lot – a Red Skip Hire skip offers a sustainable solution that ticks all the boxes and provides you with an end-to-end service for waste removal and management. 

To hire your skip, get in touch with us directly. 

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