Rajasthan can be rightly called the most colourful abode on earth. It is a place in India that has both mountain and desert,within short traversable distance. From the colloquial Marwari language to the high society life style, Rajasthan has it all.  It is a place that gives a flavour of Indian Forts and classicism.

With its capital being at Jaipur, Rajasthan is a land of kings and kingdoms. If you wish to get the best of Rajasthan experiences in one trip, then Rajasthan tour Package has it all for you planned and made comfortable. There are several things in Rajasthan that will make you feel proud being an Indian.  The remains of the Indus Valley Civilization at Kalibanga, the various cities of Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur etc. will drive you back again and again. The history of Rajasthan runs simultaneously as that of ancient India.  From the battle of Maharana Pratap to the recent age of Rajasthan Royals, The history is titillating and reflecting even in modern Rajasthan.

Some prominent areas which cannot be missed as a tourist action are as follows:

Visiting the Best Monuments of India:

Rajasthan is very truly called the land of palaces and high authenticity. The monuments form the best part of it. The aerial view of Rajasthan is truly amazing with forts, palaces and mountains. To start with, there are beautiful palaces that are present throughout the state. The Jaipur Palace, the Udaipur Fort, the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, the Golden Palace at Jaisalmer, the Hawa Mahal at Jaipur, all form an exquisite part of the package. The palaces very well shows that it was an abode of the royal families since time immemorial.

The Rajputana architecture with beautiful lawns and courtyards, big arched entrances, the huge iron gates all adds to the beauty. A visit to the palaces would let you experience the various kinds of arms and ammunitions that were used by the kings of then. The roof top of these palaces has the full city within its eye. The city of Jodhpur has a huge wall surrounding it which gives a protection to the city from foreign invasions.

Another important place to visit is the Bhangarh Fort. Recently it has become a tourist attraction as it is known for its haunted fort and buildings. The forts and palaces form the most important part of Rajasthan visit.

The Desert Safari:

Visit to Rajasthan is incomplete without the Great Indian Thar Desert. Being one of the most important parts of the visit, it stretches across an area of almost 1000 km. This desert has a very beautiful ecological importance to Rajasthan. There are a lot of tour packages that offer a full day desert safari.

Trekking on horses, camel carts in Pushkar all are an important part of it. Camel safari is an adventure in which you will be able to travel and explore the vast desert and the surviving in it, some remote villages and livelihood. The desert safari not only offers camel ride, but also jeep safari comes in the package too. It provides you with visit to the great mela that the desert offers.

Spending aDayamongst the Locals:

Another exciting adventure that Rajasthan provides you is to live a day amongst the local villagers of Rajasthan. The true of any place can never be attained in the cities. The villages provide the true flavour of a place.

Rajasthan villages have a vast diversity in them. You can find the authentic livelihood of Rajasthan in them. From The old traditional clothes to the finger licking Daal Bati Churma – you get it all here. Best part of living among the woods is to listen to the colloquial Rajasthani language that is used even now. Many a times in the evening, we can find that several villages have some of the famous cultural functions being organized at the sabha. They give us a glimpse of the traditional music as well as the dance style.

Visit tothe Famous Mount Abu:

Diversity in Rajasthan exists not only in their culture, but also in their geographical features. In this dry and barren land, lies the great Aravalli Range with countless attractions and unfathomable natural beauty. Rajasthan Tour Package is done with proper planning and precision would surely help you to see all the delights of this state. This mountain range is one of the best spots to enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of Rajasthan. The sunset in the Aravalli ranges is worth a watch. The place has now developed highly with resorts and hotels and attractshordes of tourists each year.

Other Important Things toDo:

Rajasthan is known for its great mines for various kinds of Fortune Stones. If you enjoy stone collection, Rajasthan can provide you a cheap and trustworthy market for such stones. Moreover the handicraft and the garment industry in Rajasthan plays a vital role in its tourism and of course an added attraction for national and international tourists.

There are unlimited things to do in Rajasthan and the state actually has something worthwhile for all kinds of tourists with varied preferences. Plan your trip perfectly with the best available Rajasthan tour package and get the taste of “unique Rajasthan”.

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