The eyes are said to be the window to the soul.  If this is true, then this gives us all the more reason to make them look as good as they can be and grab people’s attention.  Conversely, if someone is trying to hide themselves, they often wait a pair of shades, as the eyes give the most information away. So, if you spot a friend in a pair of Versace or Oakley sunglasses in the morning or on an overcast day, you know it’s likely they have something to hide! There are so many cosmetics on the market, we are spoilt for choice. Here are a few suggestions you to keep our eyes looking great.

Start with applying concealer around the eye. This will help cover up any under-eye dark circles.  Start at the inner part of the eye and work your way out, working the concealer out onto the top of your cheeks, making sure you smooth all excess into your skin. Do not be rough with your movements. Your skin is special.

Follow the concealer with a base. This helps keen the eye shadow on the lid. Again, smooth this across your skin gently. There are many looks that you can achieve with eye shadow. If you want a smokey look, start by applying a dark shade to your lid, then graduate lighter colours on top of it.  Finish with a highlighting shadow on the upper lid. For a more natural look, graduate two skin coloured shadows, again the darker on the lower lid and the lighter of the two on the upper lid.

When you have blended all the shadow, the lid is ready for the eyeliner. You have a couple of options. Liquid liner will give a very clear and defined line, however, it is a little more tricky to apply.  Start the brush on the inside of the lid and slowly arch the line along the line of the lashes.  On the outside of the lid, lift the brush for a neat flick finish. If you use pencil, follow the same technique, but you will have a more sfumato finish.  It is often good to blend pencil eye liner a little to give a more natural look. To add a little drama to your look, you may want to run a little definer through your eyebrows, choosing a colour that matches your natural colour.

Finish the look with some mascara. Before you apply any mascara, you may want to curl your lashes.  This will make them seem longer and fuller. Take the mascara brush out of the bottle; do not pump the bottle, as this overload the brush. Start combing from the base of the lashes, working your way out to the tip. If you are feeling brave, you can apply on the upper side of the lashes. However, be careful not to overload the lashes as you run the risk of clumping them together.

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