Giving promotional gifts to your customer or colleague can have a positive effect on your relationship. With this you show a token of appreciation. At least: if you tackle it well! Curious about how professionals give promotional gifts? Read later: give three tips for good promotional gifts from behavioral science . And now take advantage of these 5 handy insider tips:


Many promotional gifts have a not too high ‘wanna have’ content. There is no good feeling, or the gift is not appreciated. While a customer must be happy with a promotional gift! That is the power of promotional gifts according to marketing expert Seth God in.

Before I go into details, with a step-by-step plan, give practical tips and a checklist for promotional gifts. We want to emphasize the most important rule for giving promotional gifts. A good promotional gift is meant to spoil you. You do this by choosing a personal gift that suits the recipient. The better you know the recipient, the easier it is to come up with something personal.

The gift voucher is a faux pas

Giving money or a gift voucher is therefore not done. In Western gift culture, money and everything that resembles it has an uncomfortable place. That’s why you always take the price off of presents before you wrap them up. Do you prefer to opt for a gift voucher? Then go for an amazing gift voucher package and write a personal note with it. It can be the custom apparels or any other parts, the options are always there.

We would never buy that myself

In addition to personal, the best gifts are preferably useless. That’s what the 19th-century essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote. You do not want to suggest that the recipient needs your gift out of poverty.

So before you buy a promotional gift

Always ask yourself: does this make my client happy? And also: would the recipient have bought this for themselves? The answer to the last question should be: no!

Look at the result that you want to achieve

It usually starts with a good idea. Wrong! You don’t start with a good idea. You start by setting your goal, a promotional gift definition or the reason why you want to give a promotional gift. You can have the T-shirts design perfect there.

And finally, it is handy to take the giving moment into account. The latter is mainly for practical reasons.

Does the promotional gift fit in with your marketing plan and with the image of your company?

  • A promotional gift is more than a thank you gift to your customer or staff. The gift or Christmas package symbolizes the values ​​of your brand. And not only that.
  • The promotional gifts or Christmas packages that companies give to customers and employees tell a lot about the company’s involvement. Your customers and employees are the two most important target groups.
  • Make sure that the packaging and appearance of your promotional gifts are therefore in line with your corporate identity (use of color).
  • Be critical about the quality (durability) of the material. You can test this by simply ordering a sample from the supplier or (old school) make an appointment in the showroom.

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