This year micro-mini purses grabbed the attention of the fashion industry. It is going to be one of the most in-demand bags for women in 2020. Bags have always been a fashion item for women’s closets in addition to clothes. In fact, they help women keep all her belongings in one place, and when it comes to parties and dinners, women look for purses to keep their essentials in. The best part of the new micro-mini purses that dominated the major fashion runways in 2020 is they are elegant in shape and spacious enough for keeping your credit card, lipstick and an ID proof for the evening!

Discover the supermini bags you need for 2020 from the official Victoria Barbara Site 

Victoria Barbara is a leading name in the fashion industry in the USA. She is a reputed fashion blogger who promotes her high end and street style wear fashion on the Official Victoria Barbara site. She says that when it comes to purses and handbags, women are never satisfied with one. In fact, bags help to navigate a woman when it comes to choosing the correct accessories for day and evening wear. She says the major fashion runways this year have spoiled women for choices. All the bags exhibited both functionality and beauty. They are available in all materials and poised to dominate Instagram Feeds and the closets of girls and women this year!

Major bag trends that stood out this year 

This year, there were about seven bag trends that stood out on the fashion runways of New York, Milan, London, and Paris. Along with the super micro-mini bags stood the gigantic spacious bags with long straps that reached completely down the frame of women. Most of these straps seemed like a sash that beauty pageant winners wear on the stage. The cute hand-held purses and clutches are back this year, and the Pouch by Bottega Veneta dominated the runways. These clutches were shaped like clouds, and they have a unique puffy shape. The motif appeared on the runway with bold strips and was a reminder of the 1970s. It is ideal for that festive or special occasion, and if you like being fashion conscious even at the grocery store, there are metallic ones in vogue this year just for you!

The Official Victoria Barbara site gives women major inspiration when it comes to the bag trends for 2020. She says that if you closely examine the bags that were exhibited on the major fashion runways of the world, no single style fitted a specific aesthetic. They have been designed in such a way to serve the multiple goals of a woman’s daily life. This year marked an intense preference for very small silhouettes like the micro purse styles that were championed by Jacquemus, again there was an assortment of stylish handbags that were spacious and very big to cater to the daily essentials of the working woman as well. All of the super tiny and large bags were beautiful and functional. They are the perfect solution and companion for the modern woman this year. Designers have worked hard, and they have wooed fashion lovers with their super cool 2020 bag trends this year. So, what are you waiting for, grab these bags today, and create a potent fashion statement everywhere you go with success!

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