Every agent of sustainable living is going around proclaiming that using plastic bags is detrimental to the state of the environment in the long run. They have been preaching about the necessity of this change. So, everyone is kind of aware of the required change, but it’s needless to say – most school going kids to older generations – don’t still know how packaging bags fall into line with the destruction of the earth. But the sure shot way to change up the destructive ways is by shifting the usage of low quality one time use disposable plastic bags, and instead use sustainable reusable bags. Here are five reasons that will help you breakdown why disposable plastic bags are bad for our nature and how reusable, collapsible shopping bags in tote forms are the change that can help save our planet or slow down the process of our earth’s decay. 

Here are 5 Ways Reusable Grocery Bags and Collapsible Shopping Bag Totes Help the Environment

  • Plastic Bags Use up the Nonrenewable Resources from the Environment

 Plastic is made using oil resources, and oil is a fossil fuel that is nonrenewable. When a manufacturer produces mass disposable plastic bags, the machinery and company emit greenhouse gases that harm the environment badly. By minimizing the use of these products, the quantity of its production also reduces, therefore lesser nonrenewable resources are being used as well. These nonrenewable resources are then allocated to be used for more important projects that do not contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. By using sustainable resources such as reusable bags, you can contribute to the environment’s health by aiding, creating lesser demand for disposable bags. 

  • Reusable bags can Save Trees

 Using paper bags may cause a lesser impact on creating an issue with nonrenewable resources. At the same time, however, paper bags face the same dilemma of being one-time usage and are disposed of easily. This just goes to hamper the environment as more and more trees are cut down each year to make paper bags and other paper products. Paper bags are usually made from virgin fiber and recycled content – the latter of which is considered far more harmful to the environment. Encouraging the use of reusable grocery bags can minimize the cutting down of trees. 

  • Using Less Litter

 Not only do these disposable plastic bags cause emission of greenhouse gases that ultimately cause harm to the environment, but they also make up[ so much litter. These plastics will not breakdown; they instead end up becoming excess waste that has no place to go. These litter plastics clog almost all things, from rivers to drains. They also pose a threat to wildlife and human lives. Using reusable grocery totes can help cause less litter, saving many more lives. 

  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

 As established earlier, disposable plastic bags use nonrenewable resources; when this happens – greenhouse gases are emitted in the environment causing global warming. On the other end, when you use any reusable bags to carry around items, since they are made of jute, cotton, or bamboo, these are renewable resources, and there’s no problem using them as they can be replenished, and don’t cause emission of harmful gases.  

  • Minimizes the Stream of Waste

If we look at the materials these collapsible shopping bag totes are made of, they can be recycled once they are worn out. There is an ability to perform proper disposal. They can be reused and recycled to make something useful and are kept out of landfills, thus not harming nature. 

These are the very few ways in which you can contribute by making a huge difference to nature by making a small change in your life by starting to use reusable bags instead of disposable ones. 

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