Parking Signs are the pictorial signage used to give information to the drivers about the rules and regulations related to parking the vehicle in the specified area. Though there are many such signs which are used, few are in more use than others. Keep reading to find out top five signs that must be used in a parking lot.

Traffic signs are those signs which are put up at the roadside to instruct the vehicle drivers and give information about roads, and rules of driving. Pictorial ones help the driver to understand the traffic rules even if he has a certain language impediment.

Parking the vehicle can be a nightmare for drivers if they do not get the desired parking. With the increase in the number of vehicles day by day, it’s hard to get parking space. Many areas are forbidden for parking; many have specific timing, while others have permit passes for parking.

People lose precious time looking for the desired parking space. Often, it is cumbersome to drive around the block multiple times to get a vacant space. At times, people may end up parking in the wrong spot if they do not get proper information. Most widely used Parking Signs need to be understood to get a decent parking space without inviting any trouble.

  1. #No Parking Sign

This sign informs the vehicle owner that space does not permit parking there. Narrow lanes and by-lanes usually have this sign as parking in such lanes hinder the flow of traffic. Often, parking has to be avoided in areas where the roads have to kept clear to make space for emergency vehicles. Parking vehicle in these areas attracts a hefty fine. This sign can be seen in a car park also where vehicular traffic is high and specific area has to be segregated for no parking to ensure smooth flow of vehicles.

  1. #Permit Parking Sign

Permit parking or parking reserved for specific individuals is used where the slot is reserved. It’s mostly used for the employees of an institution where the employers arrange for a permit pass to enable the employees to get the parking space without hassle. This is often seen in places where a company reserves the parking space for its visitors and clients who visit them and avail the facility of parking. There are specific timings which may imply in these reserved spaces.

  1. #Visitors Parking Sign

This sign is often seen in private residential or commercial properties where a specific area is allotted for parking vehicles of visitors. This is also done to ensure that the visitors do not mistakenly park their vehicles in the owners’ parking space.

  1. # No Exit Sign

A no exit parking sign informs the drivers that there is no exit way. In car parks, a specific entry and exit gates are present to maintain the smooth flow of vehicles and helping vehicle owners to follow the right way of traffic.

  1. # Way Out Sign

This signage shows the right way out. There may be rules of traffic in many lanes, by-lanes, one-way traffic, car parks, etc. The way out signs guide at every turning and show the way to go out from the parking space onto the main road.

There has been a revolutionary change in the designs of the Parking Signs. The signs are designed as per the road safety rules of any country, and many companies provide a customised and attractive solution for the signage and help in the designing, manufacturing, delivery at the desired place, and easy installation.

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