The question, which is posed by many today, is why we should be exploring space when on earth there are already so many problems, which have not and cannot be dealt with. In a word: hope. Exploring space is not only a scientific endeavour, but it gives us all a sense that there are other people and planets out there just like us and our own. Planets that we may be able to inhabit or, at the very least, learn from.

Teledyne Technologies’ John Horack has discussed at length the benefit of space exploration and the benefits of them. Today, we are going to look into our own benefits of this type of exploration and why we all should be embracing it.

A Better Perspective

The image of the earth has been imprinted on the minds of anyone who watched the moon landing in the 1960s because it gave them a whole new perspective of our planet. Finally we were able to see that this is what our planet looks like, this is how far away it is from the moon, and this is how small we are in comparison to other things in outer space.

Just recently we landed the Mars Rover, and now projects such as the Mars One Project (headed by CEO Bas Lansdorp) are promoting the colonization of the red planet by the year 2027. In terms of perspective, this gives human beings hope that we will continue to “live long and prosper” despite which downfalls our own planet may face over the next century or so.

A Greater Understanding of Our World

Exploring space is a necessity, particularly when it comes to gaining a better understanding of our planet and how it works. NASA’s Earth Science division, for example, provides us with insight and information as to how incredibly complex our earth really is. Other research has provided us with much-needed information about how the climates of our planet and the climates of others can change, and why they do.

A better understanding of our world does not only mean a greater appreciation of it. It also means making better and wiser decisions, which will help sustain the planet and ensure that it remains as healthy as possible.

A Solution to Earth’s Questions

Many of us ask “where did life begin” and “how was our world created.” Another common question: “Are we truly alone?”

Space exploration helps us solve these questions. Bobak Ferdowsi, a moon and Mars exploration expert and space analyst already had his own thoughts on whether or not we are alone and whether or not other inhabitants could live on Mars (or on other planets). The reason: he has he research on hand to substantiate his claims. But without research, Fedowski and other researchers would have no idea if there is other life in this gigantic space, which we aptly call “space,” and how the planets, the stars, and the galaxies all became aligned. We would never know who we are and how we came to be.

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