Whilst most high quality wood burner stoves are likely to provide consumers with many years of reliable service, they are susceptible to the same wear and tear as most other types of domestic consumer goods. Indeed, even the very best stoves decrease in quality over time and become more prone to issues that impair performance.

As such, it is important that owners of wood burning stoves know how to maintain their burners and recognise what stove spares and cleaning products are required to keep it in good working order. Not investing in these items and hoping for the best may seem like the most cost-effective strategy in the short–term; however, it is fair to say that going down this route will more than likely end up costing stove owners much more in the long run.

As well as making significantly more mess, a faulty or dysfunctional wood burner will also burn wood much faster than it would if it was performing optimally. Therefore, owners who choose not to invest a small amount of money in cleaning equipment and spares will not only have to clean their stove more regularly; they will also have to add wood far more frequently.

Therefore it is clear to see that failing to carry out basic cleaning tasks and/or source spare wood burning stove parts can not only lead to a property becoming more unclean, it can also result in an owner having to spend more money on fuel.

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