When a business person is preparing for a business meeting or exhibition, one of the first items he or she thinks about is the company or product display that convention-goers will see. These displays are not only important when it comes to getting information to potential customers, but they are necessary in order to attract these customers in the first place. A good display, one that is professional and eye-catching, can mean the difference between a customer stopping to ask you questions about your company or merely passing you by.

It is easy to think of a display stand as something unimportant, but this is not the case. Display stands are important not only to make the display look professional, but they also help the display remain in place during the exhibition or meeting, preventing awkward situations such as the display falling or appearing lopsided.

What Types of Stands Are Available?

Many companies offer various types of display stands, and most are on the Internet these days. The Internet is an excellent way to find these companies and compare their services and products to other companies offering the same items. One of the most popular types of stands is the pop-up type. These are portable stands used with either several panels or the one-piece type. Pop-up stands include the following options:

  • Classic stands. These stands support high-quality graphics in either a curved or flat design and are available with either graphic or fabric panels. They are made to be easily transported and often weigh only 20kgs. They are usually attached with something like Velcro.
  • Fabric stands. These are lightweight, usually starting at just 9kgs, and allow for easy assembly with no tools required. They are easily portable and offer a seamless fabric graphic. They are usually available in both a vertical and horizontal
  • Fabric zip-ups. Similar to regular fabric stands, these are easily zipped up after usage. They are lightweight and usually start at 9kgs, and require no tools to assemble. Zip-ups come in a variety of widths in order to accommodate nearly every type of display and often offer shapes such as serpentine and swirl shapes.

What to Look for in a Stand Company

Most online stand companies will have excellent pictures of all their products, and will give specific details about each of them. When comparing online companies, ask about their in-house graphics team. Are they experienced and professional, and can they offer examples of their work? A good stand company will also offer great prices and a short delivery time. Many companies also offer testimonials right on their website, as well as a presence on social outlets, such as a blog. In addition, these companies should also offer free quotes to potential customers, a way to upload your artwork directly onto their website, sales, and specials, and a fast and simple way to contact their customer service department, both before and after the sale.

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