Graphic Designs-A Heavenly Marketing Tool For The Social Media

The graphic design has evolved tremendously over the past few years and in today’s fast paced world, where everything in the world is just a click away from you, the knowledge of the graphic designing has no doubt become a must have skill for the people, brands and businesses who are depending on the marketing through social media. In the coming times, exposure to the use of social media marketing will surely double from now; therefore, one must be aware of the tricks and tactics involved in the respective category.

Why the need of learning Graphic Designing?

The competition is definitely increasing for everyone and every business, hence, it is high time that one should upgrade their social media game to be able to sustain in the market. The instagram followers have started to become more indulged in the aesthetically pleasing content, they want something which appeals to their eyes first and their attention to the actual message will divert automatically, which sounds fair enough. It is not mandatory to have full command on the skills of graphic designing, learning some basics would be enough to generate much improved content in terms of stories, pictures and videos. This will open you a new window of ideas and inspirations, which will surely improve your design aesthetics and general knowledge about how the social media and visual appeal work hand in hand. 

Tips to follow for a better Social Media Content

To further sharpen your skills and knowledge on the topic of graphic designing, the Venture Icon Media has shared some of the best and easiest tricks, which will surely help you in revamping your social media profile and content.

Typography and Perfect Blend

This is one of the much needed skills, which almost everyone should possess to gain more of the follower’s attention because it is a mix of both the text and visuals, which automatically attracts more people; therefore, a perfect blend of text and visuals should be present in the content. 


Maintaining a grid on the social media platforms, such as the Instagram has become one of the most followed trends. Similarly, the websites should also have a grid display as it gives a well-maintained and systematic look in general. 

Do Not Be Extra

Keep your profile, website or account as simple as possible; posting too much content with the heavily designed pictures will give a ‘trying too hard’ signal to the viewer. 

Know your Target Market

You surely do not want to generate and upload a post, which does not target your potential customer; therefore, observe your target market closely and plan your posts accordingly. 

Color Theory

Your color theme tells a lot about your content and motive in general, hence, choose a spectrum of colors, which totally defines your purpose. Study the graphical color theory before selecting a theme for the profile. 

Eye Movement

Try to make your posts interactive, bring more eye movement in the posts you get designed or upload because this way customer will be more interested. 

Take Suggestions

Once you have selected everything and started uploading, now ask others to critique your content, so you can improvise your content with every other upload. 

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