Have You Heard About These Futuristic Vehicle Safety Features?

Since the last decade, the world of automotive industry has taken a different route, holding hands with the information technology that further collaborated with the techniques of cameras and sensors. Safety has climbed higher in the list of priorities, while merging with the ocean of entertainment and connectivity.  

Seatbelts, airbags and crumple zones and crash-test scores are now no more the main points of car safety, as features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, pedestrian detection and lane departure alerts are dominating the safety front that are all programmed to prevent the probabilities of a collision rather than trying to reduce its impact. 

But there are even more futuristic safety features coming up the way, that is working towards the complete mitigation of road accidents caused by human errors. Hence, a new era is gearing up with the construction of vehicles that will be secure with the following futuristic safety guards. At the Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership, we got introduced to some of them that were worth sharing.

Augmented Reality Windshields

After the “head-up display” technology projecting the essential data on the windshield screen, now there will be the “augmented reality” windshields which could cut down the need to look down at the dashboard displays. This technology is invented to maximize the number of times the eyes of the driver focusing on the road, instead of looking at the digital display, and get distracted. 

Alerts on Network-Based Traffic 

In the near future our cars will be wirelessly connected to each other same as the computer network. Yea, it is already been materialized and named as the “connected car” concept. To describe in a nutshell, every car will come to know the position of the other cars in its near vicinity, so that there won’t be any scope left for a collision just because of wrong timing. In addition to the benefits of safety aspects, this feature will also have the potential to enable a smoother traffic flow, reducing the chance of traffic congestion. 

Alerts for a Dynamic Infrastructure 

In addition to the concept connecting all the running vehicles with each other, there will be yet another feature through which the cars will be able to team up to create a real-time infrastructure in tune with the in-built navigation maps that can monitor the changing parameters of driving inputs as well as alerting about the road conditions if the upcoming route. Drivers would be alerted whenever there is a potential driving hazard like construction zones, roadblock, road diversion, black ice, or school and hospital zones and allow some time for the drivers to react with proper judgement.

Winding Thoughts

At the Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership, the staff were proud to announce that among these, many will be soon to be found in the Chevrolet vehicles while many advanced models of this brand has already using an early version of these technologies, in their high-end trim levels. At the same time they reflected on the fact that however advanced the technologies become, they can never replace the human judgement and carefulness, when it comes to road safety.

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