When you get a stain on one of your favorite pieces of clothing, your first instinct is to get a wet cloth and try to mop up the mess. Even at home, your dirty clothes are tossed into the washing machine where a mixture of water and soap gets the job done. That said, there are some stains that are just too stubborn to come out when subjected to regular washing at home. That is when you need to turn to the professional service offered by dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga available at Chaffey Cleaners. They can take care of all the stains you can’t get out at home, but the question that many people have is how they actually achieve that without soap and water.

The use of the word dry is a little misleading, as it is only used because water is not used in the process. What is used are a number of different solvents in which your clothes are immersed. Back in the very early days of dry cleaning, it was often gasoline or kerosene that was used in the process. As you might guess, those were not the safest options, which is why they have been replaced by perchlorythylene, or perc as it is sometimes referred to. That is the solvent that is most likely to be used in your local cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga.

There is a 5-step process that just about every dry cleaner will follow when you drop off your garments. The whole thing begins with them inspecting the clothing in your presence. They will ask you about the problem areas, whilst also taking time to point out any rips, tears or missing buttons that you might blame the cleaner for if it wasn’t spotted beforehand. You will be given a copy of the ticket and a time when your clothing will be ready.

Before the dry cleaning portion of the process begins, the cleaner will look for areas where stubborn stains may have taken a hold. He will use a pre-treatment process that starts to attack the stain before the main cleaning part begins. Once that has been completed, the dry cleaning comes next, with your garment placed into a machine that holds the solvent that the cleaner in Rancho Cucamonga most commonly uses. This is generally enough to get rid of even the toughest of stains. It is not all over at that point, though, as your clothes are not really in a state where they can be handed back to you.

The cleaner will check for any stains that are still hanging in there, and will apply a post-cleaning process that should take care of them. The clothes are then pressed and packed away, just waiting for you to come back and pick them up. What’s amazing about the whole thing is that the process has now evolved to a point where cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga can turn around your garments in about an hour. It may not seem possible for that to happen, but you will be surprised at how spotless your clothes turn out.

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