Juice machines are used to make juices from fruits, vegetables, herbs or grasses. They can be divided into three categories: normal juice machines, centrifugal juice machines, and steam extractors. Nowadays commercial juice machines are available in the market which are so much popular in Australia because they don’t waste the fruit ingredients intact and you will get a healthy glass of juice without wasting any protein. These juice machine doesn’t take any heat and use a hydraulic press to produce juice. 

Types of Juice Machine Commercials:

1. Normal Juice Machines: The normal juice machines separate the juice from the fruits by mechanical pressure. One can distinguish between citrus juice machine extractors, juicer with a snail and two snails. Citrus juicers can only juice citrus fruits. They represent a very simple form of a juicer. They usually have a tapering upwards crowned cone, which is provided with edged ribs. Juicers with one or two snails can juice just about any fruit and vegetables, but also herbs and grasses. The screws present in it first break off pieces of the material to be pressed and then squeeze it out. The juice is separated by a sieve while the pomace is ejected at the end of the screw. The speed of the screws is low, which is why little oxygen gets into the juice. Therefore, the quality of the juice is high.

2. Centrifuge Extractor: Centrifugal juice machine commercials are good for juicing hard fruits and vegetables. Leafy vegetables, grasses and berries, on the other hand, can only be processed poorly. They have a friction disc and a cylindrical or conical sieve. The friction disc rotates at high speed and thus crushes the pressed material, which is then thrown by the centrifugal force against the sieve and juice passes through the sieve slots. In particular, older models possess cylindrical sieves, in which the pomace accumulates, which must then be removed by hand. Since the pomace remains in the sieve for a longer time and is centrifuged, the juice yield is greater.

3. Steam Extractor: Steam extractors are suitable for the processing of several kilograms of fruit and they are considered as the perfect juice machine commercials. They usually consist of three parts: In the lower flat container, water is filled to generate steam. Thereupon the collecting container is set, which contains a downwardly tapering funnel. The collecting container also has a drain to which a hose is connected, which is squeezed by a clamp. In the collecting container, the fruit basket is used, which is provided with numerous holes and sometimes also has the form of a tapered funnel. 

Quality and Quantity of Juices in Juice Machine Commercials:


The quality and quantity of juice depend on a number of factors of the commercial juice machines.

1. Firstly, the quality of the juice depends on the amount of oxygen introduced during juicing and the temperature used. Fast-running juicers, blenders or blenders whirl a relatively large amount of air and thus oxygen into the juice, which can lead to a faster oxidation of the ingredients and a reduction in quality. Digestive enzymes contained in the juice are significantly reduced by the vertexing of oxygen in centrifuge separators. Steam extractors destroy some of the vitamins and most of the enzymes because of the elevated temperature. Juice presses spin little oxygen into the juice and hardly heat the juice, so they juice the most gently and deliver a juice of the highest quality.

2. The amount of juice produced in cold production also depends on the degree of process of extraction and the pressing force. Since centrifuge juicers grate relatively finely, some achieve a high juice yield. But even juice presses can achieve a high yield solely by high pressure. It also varies from manufacturers to manufactures. 

It can be concluded that the juice machines are very important commercial element for different events and parties and it is being used by almost all food and beverage partners today. 

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