Marketing is among the most important tasks of a business organization, and has a crucial role to play in its overall success and profit prospects. Good marketing is especially needed in large urban centers like New York. Joe Cianciotto says that good marketing can help in increasing the sales of a firm, engaging their target audience, and facilitating business growth. Building brand awareness is known to be the core aspect of good marketing. Marketing is a crucial tool that is used for the purpose of creating and maintaining demand, as well as enhancing the reputation and relevancy of a firm. With good marketing, there can be a high chance of a business getting shut down owing to a lack of sales.

At a fundamental level, marketing can be described as the process of understanding the customers, as well as developing and maintaining a relationship with them. Joe Cianciotto mentions that marketing is often considered to be the key to the success of an organization, no matter its size, especially when it comes to businesses operating in metros like New York.

There are numerous advantages offered by the system of marketing. Here are a few of them:

  • It informs: Talking about the basics, marketing can be extremely helpful for companies when it comes to the aspect of customer education.  In many cases, the target audience of a firm does not properly know about the ins-and-outs of the product sold by a company. However, in order to purchase a product, it is crucial that they have a good understanding of how it works and what it does. Marketing is among the most effective ways to communicate the features of a product and the value proposition of the company manufacturing it in an interesting and engaging manner.
  • Engages the customers: Engaging the customers must be a priority for every business. Marketing is an effective tool that is used for this purpose. In addition to providing valuable information about a business and its offerings to the customers, marketing also involves creating fresh content that would be worth their time. Nowadays diverse social media platforms are widely used for marketing due to their high effectiveness when it comes to engaging the customers. There are many companies that tend to use witty videos and attractive images on social media to engage their customer base and provide them with a sense of belonging.
  • Building and maintaining the reputation of a company: The overall life span and growth of a company is significantly co-related to the reputation of the firm. Hence, it would not be unfair to say that the reputation of a company is determined by its brand equity. Joe Cianciotto mentions that a great number of marketing activities are focused geared towards building the brand equity of a company, and enhancing its reputation in the society.

Diverse companies make use of varied marketing techniques in order to maximize their business prospects.

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