“Stunning looks is your weakness? Then you must render catatonic when you come across Mazda Miata MX5!” – Anonymous

One of the most superior and luxurious looking car from Mazda is the MX5 Miata. However, what most people fail to realize is that this vehicle is more than just its outstanding looks. From powerful engine to safety features, warranties, and more; simply offers a pleasant and joyful driving experience. It is a car which is enjoyed by drivers worldwide since its release back in 1989. This is why numerous people opt for this vehicle from Phoenix Mazda dealership even today!

Engine, transmission and fuel economy 

This vehicle’s engine is enough powerful to deliver rousing acceleration. This car comes in both manual as well as automatic transmission which offers sporty programming and quick shifts. The convertible model takes about 5.7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. However, the RF hardtop model takes just about 5.8 seconds to reach 60mph. 

The handling is inspired and promptly changes direction. People mostly enjoy its tactile and light steering which responds instantly and keeps driver informed about what front tires are up to. In short, it is a fun car to drive. 

It is a light car that has curb weight of 2338 lbs maximum. With such a light weight car, the 2.0L engine does an excellent job of offering a high fuel efficiency performance. This car offers 26 mpg in a city and 35 when driving on a highway. A sports car with such fuel efficiency is something not easily one will come by which is why you need to visit Mazda near Phoenix today!

Cost of different models 

This car is available in 3 different variant; Sport which is priced at $27,500, Club costs around $31,210, and lastly, for Grand Touring one will have to spend $32,590. Most people opt for the Club and Grand Touring variant as it offers ideal performance and balance. 

Though, it is available in automatic transmission, many wants to have the manual 6-speed transmission for a better riding experience. Lastly, whether to opt for the hardtop or softtop model that is completely up to the person purchasing this car. 

Entertainment and other connectivity 

This vehicle comes with a touchscreen display that helps in controlling the entire infotainment of the car. Also, there are control knobs and buttons on center console which makes it user-friendly. 

Each of these models comes with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio or phone along with CD player. Navigation is standard on all Grand Touring models. Club model’s accessory is dealer installed. Moreover, it consists of HD radio, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay is standard on both these models. 

Safety features 

Safety features include standard warning for lane departure, monitor blind spots, emergency automated braking system, alert for rear crossing traffic, lane keeping assist, etc. Overall, it is dubbed as quite a safe vehicle to drive around the city or on highway. 

Now you know why it is said that Miata MX 5 offers more than just its stunning looks. With loaded features and powerful engine, it is one of the best cars in the market. Books yours today!

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