When you purchase a vehicle, whether new or used, you will be offered a warranty.  Before you decide to take it or not, there are several important questions you should ask.  Some of these questions could be answered by the salesman, but others you may want to get advice from other experts.  So you should do your homework before you ever make it to the car lot.  It will help make that process easier if you have already decided of the make and model of the vehicle you are thinking of buying, but most questions are general enough to apply to all of them.  Here is a list of some things you will want to know.

  1. Most important is the obvious question of how much it will cost.  If you are getting the vehicle financed you will want to know how much it will increase your payment amount to see if that would still fit into your budget.  It could be that if you put that much in a savings account, you may save enough to more than pay for any possible breakdown, if it were to occur after a few years.
  2. The next major thing you will want to know is what specifically does it cover.  Is it just for the transmission and other major systems, or does it also cover smaller things such as injectors in diesels? Does it cover anything non-mechanical, like the electronics and gadgets we all love?  There may be different warranties you can opt for that cover more or less things, which of course will influence the cost.
  3. This brings us to the next question you should ask – how long does the warranty last?  Is it longer for some parts than others?  They often have different lengths of coverage for the various parts and systems.  This will be a factor when you are calculating what the risk is worth to you.
  4. You will also want to be very clear on whether it covers just parts, or whether labor is also included.  If your vehicle breaks down on the road, who will pay to get it towed to the shop if it is a covered issue?  You will want to be sure to have the answers to these questions in writing in case there is a dispute later.
  5. You will probably be wise to ask a mechanic for their advice on warranties.  They will know if it is likely for the various parts and systems to break down within the warranty’s lifetime.  They will also know more about the different makes and models of the vehicles you will be looking to buy, and can have valuable insight.

Warranties can be a very good thing to have, and can give you peace of mind knowing you are covered for a possible breakdown, or they can be an unnecessary expense.  Having all of your questions answered to your satisfaction will give you the confidence to make the decision that is right for you.

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