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There is a professional basketball player from Serbia named Nikola Jokic. He is a centre for the Denver Nuggets right now. He was born on February 19, 1995, in the city of Sombor. His bigger brothers Strahinja and Nemanja were very close to him as a child, and all three of them started playing basketball when they were very young. He signed with the Nuggets in 2015 and has won two Most Valuable Player awards. Besides his job, Nikola married Natalija, the girl he loved in high school, in October 2020. The couple has a kid together and just moved into a huge mansion in Denver. Look at the picture below to see Nikola Jokic’s home.

In 2021, Nikola Jokic’s 29-room house was bought for $4.5 million. The huge house is spread out over 12,271 square feet and has many bedrooms, bathrooms, and condos for guests. Behind a locked gate, the house is in a private neighbourhood. The inside of the fancy house has marble, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and windows that go all the way to the sky. There is also a home gym and a movie hall with 12 seats. There is a big pool in the style of a resort on the grounds, as well as an outdoor kitchen. With so much room, it’s no surprise that Nikola’s brothers also live in the house with him and his wife.

Details about nikola jokic house

  • Rooms: 6 or more
  • Bathrooms for 6+
  • 12,271 square feet of space.
  • The place where Nikola Jokic lives.

Nick Jokic’s home address is 80113 Cherry Hills Farm Drive, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113.

Ideal Entertainment: The Outside

The big swimming pool is in the garden, down a few concrete steps. There is also a big patio with an outdoor stove that is great for having people over.

Nikola shared a sweet picture of his family on Instagram that really shows off the big, bright, and beautiful kitchen. From the second floor, where you can see the whole kitchen, you can see the large crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the wrought iron porch.

So Beautiful in the End

The huge house that Nikola Jokic owns is truly amazing. If you liked this house, check out Jona Hill’s Malibu mansion here.

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