Above ground tanks are used for multiple purposes such as storage of liquids including water, fuels, LPG etc. Although above ground tanks are easy to install and maintain and also help in saving initial costs however you need to keep some safety points in mind while using such tanks. Most of the above ground tanks offer a safe alternative to the underground tanks as these are saved from contamination due to leakage or corrosion. Also these don’t cause any hazards to the surroundings where these are installed. Rather these help in easy access, examination, filling as well as dispensing of the liquids contained therein. Let us now have a look at some of the safety points which need attention while using above ground tanks.

Design and construction of the above ground tank- Before using any above ground tank, check its design and the materials used to construct the tank. It is because the design and the material used to construct the tank must be completely compatible with the type of liquids which are to be stored in the tanks. At the same time, the tank must also comply with the conditions of the storage such as temperature, pressure etc. All these points are necessary from the point of view of the safety of the users and the surroundings.

Stable support structures- It is also an important safety tip which requires attention. Make sure that the supporting structures are stable and strong enough to hold the tank. Also these must be durable so as to keep the tank in its place for a long time. To make sure, you use an apt support structure, you may carry out tank gauging which means measuring the height, weight and other physical features of the tank so as to develop supporting structures accordingly.

Protection against leakage- While using an aboveground tank, make sure that it is leakage-proof. It means there shouldn’t be any leakage in the tank. At the same time, all necessary measures must be taken well-in-advance to prevent or repair any leakages. Self-bonded tanks are the best option in this regard as these have a double layer of wall inside the tank which helps in prevention of leakage.

Safe area of installation of tanks– In case of fuel tanks, you must choose a safe area for installation of fuel tank. It must be at such as place which is away from the sources of ignition. At the same time, make sure that the above ground tank containing fuel doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. As far as an above ground water tank is concerned, it must also be at such a place from where no damage is caused to the surrounding buildings due to dampness caused due to water contained in the tank.

Keeping these safety points in mind, you may use an aboveground tank safely. As far as aboveground fuel tanks are concerned, you need to contact your local municipal council for installation of the above ground tank at the concerned place.

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