The Ins And Outs Of Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors

Fire rated doors are specifically manufactured to control the spreading of fire. Such doors are prepared with heavy materials like gypsum that could resist the fire for a longer time. Though such doors are not totally fireproof still it could prevent the spreading of smoke or fire one room to another room. These doors are specifically designed with the properties that could resist the heat. There is also a special expertise needed while installing such doors otherwise it could lead to even major accidents. Most commercial buildings nowadays have installed such doors. 

What are the different types of Fire rated doors 

The difference between fire doors completely depends on the fire rating and materials. Some commercial buildings prefer installing doors that have 30 minutes of fire rating support. Also there are fire doors available that could provide 60 minutes of fire rating support. The materials of such doors could create a difference as well. Some doors are manufactured with materials like plywood that have long heat resistance power. On the other hand, some companies prefer installing doors that have vibrant fire glass. as such doors have a stylish outlook that perfectly fits the ambiance of a corporate office.

Where fire rated doors need to be installed?

There is no boundary of places. Anyone anywhere could install such doors. But mostly corporate sectors where a lot of people work together install such doors. Also, public sectors where a lot of people visit regularly should have installed such doors. Presently, some commercial buildings also have installed such doors but the fire rating of such doors is a bit less in comparison with the doors that corporate sectors have installed. 

Benefits of installing these doors 

There are thousands of benefits reported by the users. Here we are discussing some of them.

  • Prevents the dispersal of fire quickly.
  • Keeps the office property safe or less damaged.
  • Let’s people escape easily from such life-threatening situations.
  • Keep the official documents and gazettes safe
  • Resist the fire for a long time
  • Such doors have special features that keep the harmful gases contained in one place instead of letting it move all over the building. 

Cost of installing fire doors 

Cost of such doors totally depends on how much fire rating protection you need. If you are okay with 30 minutes of protection then you might have to pay a small amount. Also, it depends on the materials used in manufacturing such doors. But we could easily conclude that if installed properly its worth of your every single penny. 

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