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If you are considering moving house around the festive month of December, you’ll understandably have some concerns about how smooth the process will be. We look at everything involved, from the various building surveys Essex-based companies can provide at this time of the year to the innermost logistics and hurdles of a Christmas house move.

The Pros

Despite your concerns, there are in fact some plus points involved in a Christmas house move. Moving home at this time of the year may not be for everyone, but there are a few ways to help things go smoothly.

Time may be on your side – many people won’t be interested in moving house so close to Christmas, so you could face less competition from other buyers. Estate agents may also be readily available to dedicate more time to your move. When arranging meetings with your local estate agents, don’t be afraid to ask them how busy they currently are and how much time they can dedicate to assist you. Striking up a good professional relationship with your estate agent and sales team can help keep communication flowing during stressful times.

A new home for Christmas – moving into a new home during the festive period can be an exciting time for the whole family. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the special moments of planning seasonal decor for their first Christmas in a new home. This could help to reduce the stress of moving and give you something fun to focus on and plan for.

Festive spirit – during the run-up to Christmas, people may be in a better mindset and be more willing to assist with even the most menial of tasks. It is the perfect time to call in a favour from friends and family, in order to help with the removals and unpacking. A glass of mulled wine or two may also help sweeten the deal.

The Cons

There are of course some negative points to moving house during the festive season. Timing may not always be perfect, so it is important to pre-empt these factors before committing to a December house move.

Poor availability from key players – some of the key players in your house move may have holidays and festive breaks already pencilled in at this time of the year. Many businesses will close for a week or two either side of Christmas, so you should double-check all working dates with estate agents, surveyors, and solicitors.

Adverse weather conditions – the weather in December may not always be on your side when it comes to moving home. You could find yourself moving during periods of heavy rain, snow, or stormy conditions.

Last minute issues – if you move home too close to Christmas, you may find that some services are either fully booked up or unavailable. For example, any last-minute building work or smaller problems that may require help from a handyman, cleaner, or similar could be difficult to arrange.

So is Christmas a good time to move house?

Ultimately there is no ‘perfect’ time to move house, so the decision is completely yours. Some may find a festive house move exciting, whilst others may find the stress a little too much. If you’ve found your dream property and need to move quickly, you will have to weigh up the pros and cons to see how they fit with your own lifestyle.

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