A homeowner should have basic understanding of how the most important systems in home work, especially plumbing. When it comes to plumbing issues, a lot of people have their own vision of fixing things, which they begin sharing with others. Sometimes a supposed life hack can lead to serious problems and damage the longevity of your plumbing. So, do not be fooled and with experts of House Renovations company check the common plumbing myths below that do more harm than good.

  • Lemons and garbage disposals

Everyone heard of this popular myth that lemon peels will help deodorize your stinking disposal. Although it can certainly make your kitchen smell fresh and clean, lemons actually can corrode the metal surface on disposal. Check the manual for proper cleaning techniques your model needs.

  • All-time leaky faucets

A tiny leak in your faucet seems like something that can wait a few days, weeks or months, but it not only costs you money and thousands of gallons of water every single day, it also contributes to extra wear and tear on your faucets and fixtures. Don’t let a leak linger; if you are unable to fix it, call your House Renovations’ plumber for assistance.

  • Unnecessary preventive maintenance

Just because your pipes appear to work properly does not mean there are not any clogs that your House Renovations’ plumber may easily spot and take care of during a routine maintenance check.

  • Easy to DIY plumbing

If you know how supply line plumbing or do basement bathroom installation why not. But if you are not a pro, the money you save by a DIY could easily lead to major plumbing and structural repairs if something goes wrong.

  • A brick and flushable wipes

Have you heard that placing a brick in your toilet tank helps you conserve water? True in theory, but in practice the brick breaks down over time and can damage other parts of the toilet.

Another misconception with wipes, which the label clearly states are flushable.  Despite what the advertising claims, they are not biodegradable like toilet paper, they can easily clog up your pipes. An overflowing toilet can really disrupt your daily activities, so toss those wipes in the garbage after use.

Hope, we have debunked the main myths, but House Renovation’s experts are always on call to answer questions and provide their assistance.

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