It is a worldwide famous fact – girls love flowers and chocolates. While boys feel that the way to a girl’s heart is through diamonds, all it takes is a bunch of flowers to get there. And there are plenty of reasons why women are so obsessed with flowers. If you do flower delivery online Jaipur to a girl, she will make sure she preserves the flowers for the longest period possible. Here are the top reasons why women love flowers. Read on.

Girls like the fact that they are pointless –

Most of the guys feel that sending across flowers to a girl makes no sense because in a few days the flowers will die and will have to be disposed. And surprisingly, this is what women love the most. Though women advocate the idea of a timeless and never ending love, they still like the idea of being gifted something exciting and ephemeral. And then it does not matter even if the guy’s money is going to waste. Eventually, it will plaster a smile on the girl’s face and that is worth the investment in flowers.

Women think that flowers are a reflection of them –

It may seem shallow to an extent but women believe that the flowers are a reflection of who they are. If the guy purchases cheap flowers, women feel that they too are considered something cheap. They do not want flowers on a daily basis, so when once in a blue moon you do make use of Jaipur flower delivery to send her flowers, make sure they are the best, fragrant and very fresh. This is a good way to flatter her and make her feel important.

Women like how flowers can stop time –

This may sound unproductive to the reader, but most women simply like to gaze at the flowers wherever they are kept. Work desk, bedside, makeup table, or simply wherever they are. Women can spend at least 5 minutes staring at the flowers or smelling and admiring them. They remind them of all the good moments they have spent with their man. So you see how flowers stop time for them. And a man sure would like to be the reason behind such a big phenomenon – the stopping of time.

Women like to remember how they received the flowers –

Did you send her flowers through Jaipur flower delivery? She will remember how you sent her the flowers, the note you attached along with it, the chocolates you sent along, and every little detail about when she received the surprise flowers. And then the next thing she will do is – jot it all down in her diary.

Women deserve flowers. Simple!

Women do not care how much did the flowers cost or what better gift they could have got. The point is that flowers make a woman happy, and they deserve them.

So, the next time you feel that you are wasting your money by sending flowers to your woman, read the above points once again and decide for yourself.

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