Tanks have been used in warfare since the First World War, when the fighting machines that were capable of crunching their menacing way across any terrain were a solution to trench warfare. To begin with, they had a few problems, and could be unreliable. If you are a tank lover and fancy having a go at driving one yourself, tank driving experiences are available to buy at armourgeddon.co.uk. Since the First world war, tanks have advanced rapidly however – here are some of the most popular fighting machines…

The Tiger Tank – During the Second World War, the Tiger was one of Germany’s most feared weapons. With good reason – this mean battlefield fighting machine. At the time, it was way ahead of it’s enemies as it was capable of both a good speed and was also very heavy – it was an intimidating sight to it’s enemies and possessed a very powerful and destructive 88mm calibre gun.

Challenger – This is considered by tank lovers to me the most handsome tank of them all – this British tank has great destructive power, and although not as intimidating as the Tiger, it makes up for that with it’s efficiency and incredibly thick armour.

Sherman – If you think of a tank, then the Sherman has to be one of, if not the most famous of them all. This United States made battlefield warrior was the brainchild of the Ford company. Being relatively inexpensive and very easily manoeuvrable, this was a popular tank for warfare as plenty of them had to be produced. Although it lacked the amount of armour of some tanks, the ease of manoeuvrability ensured a speedy getaway, and was proven invaluable on the battlefields of the Second World War.

The T-34 – The feared tank of the Soviets, this tank is an absolute monster. It is certainly intimidating, and it combines this with power, manoeuvrability and incredibly strong armour which makes this tank head and shoulders above the others. On the battlefield, you would know you were in trouble if you were to witness one of these approaching!

PZ IV – A lethal killing machine form Germany, during the second world war this was a fearsome beast. It had the best manoeuvrability of all the tanks and was very heavily armoured as well. Unfortunately, it’s greatness came at a hefty price tag, forcing the production of this tank to be stopped, as it was far to expensive to make.

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