What Should You Do When You Suspect Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractices aren’t common happens in the modern day era. They do happen but on very rare instances. They are commonly associated with shitty and poorly structured medical clinics and hospitals. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t cases of medical malpractice in big and established hospitals and medical clinics. No matter where the medical malpractice happens, you have to take the right steps to take care of your health and keep the case live. Here are the best things you should do in the event of medical malpractice.

Record the Incident

Minutes or hours after you discover medical malpractice, you should start documenting the happenings. Gather the medical records by writing down a straight report of the happenings. Take a video or picture of the incident if possible besides creating a strong timeline to what contributed to the medical malpractice. This will act as strong evidence when you start the legal process to claim for compensation.

Talk with Medical Negligence Solicitors

The report and information you gather and document may not be enough. Even if it is, your current health condition won’t allow you to keep tangible and valid information.  That’s why it is always good you talk with a medical negligence solicitor soon after you discover the malpractice. The solicitor will take on the evidence collection process from where you stopped and guide you on what to do next to ensure you don’t complicate matters.

Ask for A Referral to New Doctors

When medical malpractice happens, your health is always threatened. It is usually recommended you ask for a referral to a new doctor immediately. Doing so prior to documenting reports of the incident reduces the chances of getting compensated when you file a case against the medical professional. It is impossible to take immediate steps to keep your health fit but always make sure you gather information before.  

Update your Journal

Multiple things are going to happen during the period after the malpractice to when you will file a case. You need to keep a detailed journal of the incidents, progress, and all the developments that take place during such period.  This will help you get quality and comprehensive medical care as well as support your case. The most important things to document include personal health records, list of prescribed medications, appointment reports, screening results, times and dates of visits and prescriptions.

If there are things to sit on, medical malpractice isn’t one of them. You can decide to neglect the happenings but you cannot forsake your health. Medical malpractice can result in more expensive and comprehensive treatments so recording the happenings can help you get compensated for all the injuries, costs, and losses. Always make sure to get the right medical negligence solicitors to help you with the case.

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