Why Is SEM Important For Your Small Business?

The practice of digital marketing and more specifically SEO has offered small brands and startups a highly lucrative marketing opportunity. The prospect of reaching a large volume of people organically is possible today with the massive push towards search engine optimization. Even the smallest of companies with little to no resources to spend on marketing can reach a large audience with the power of search engines.

One thing many startups beginning their journey and planning to use SEO as their main marketing technique do not take into account is the long time it takes for SEO benefits to finally kick. If the goal of a marketing campaign is very specific such as lead generation or sales, SEO cannot have an immediate impact. It takes a long time until a new website starts getting traffic through search engine channels. 

This answer to this problem lies in search engine marketing or SEM. A popular practice in digital marketing, SEM is a technique used to enhance the visibility of a website on search engines through paid advertising. For any small business or startups that need an injection of traffic to fulfill certain marketing objectives, SEM is the most bankable option. 

From a marketing executive at an MNC to a student at a digital marketing course, anyone associated with the field would acknowledge the importance of SEM. In this article, we discuss why SEM is a great option for startups and small businesses to establish their presence in the digital space.  

Getting Early Traction

Let’s start with an example.

Imagine you’re running an online store for shoes and have only just started your business. You decide to create quality content with relevant keywords to get high search ranking and bring in traffic organically. This process is exactly what SEO guidelines. 

However, traction from SEO can take time to bear fruit. In a competitive niche like online shoe retail stores, gaining traffic quickly can be even more difficult in a short span of time. 

This is where you have the option of turning to SEM and advertising on search engines through paid PPC ads. 

How Should a Small Business Approach SEM?

In SEM, paid search ads are taken out on the basis of keywords. As an online shoe retailer, you can choose certain search results where you want your website to be displayed. Based on your bid and other factors, your ad ranking is decided. Thus, by investing a sum of money, you can appear on top of the search results page and drive traffic to your website. 

This early traffic can be vital for your new business, driving revenues and profits up. In a short time when your website cannot get large volumes of organic traffic, using SEM can be highly advantageous. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers how important SEM can be for small businesses and startups if used optimally.

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