Every year both big and small businesses spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds (depending upon their budget) to boost the sale of their products or services and to build their brand in the consumer market. Quite obviously, it is not a sprint to create a brand image that people can easily recognize, but a marathon that will take some years. However, optimum use of custom labels can help you to go a long way in achieving that. Custom stickers are just a small part of big business plans, but it does play a significant role.

What are custom labels?

Custom label printing is an important facet of a company’s brand identity. These labels help your product or service to stand out in the market and build credibility. They have an uncanny knack to impress your potential consumers and ensure brand trustworthiness.

Today, there are many custom label printing companies, operating both online and offline that can craft promotional labels for you. When designing custom stickers, there are several things to keep in mind since a design can make or break your brand image

  1.    Vibrant colors

Colors are one of most critical impactful ingredients when comes to custom labels.  And, to make your products more appealing, you need to have a catchy blend of vibrant, glimmering colors that help catch people’s attention instantly besides lending uniqueness to your label. Just like we identify GOOGLE with its rainbow colors!

  1. Sharp images

Sometimes, while designing custom labels, you may suffer from distorted images that lend a bad impressive to it. Therefore, ensure that images are sharp on promotional labels so that they stand out instantaneously. Plus, clear images allow the custom labels to appear solid and compact lending a better catch look. Hence, vibrant, sharp images on promotional labels are worth every penny you invest on printing them.

  1. Add texture

If you want to make your promotional labels exciting, you may consider adding a texture. By adding texture, you can give the custom labels image effect. Some of the popular texture options are painting effects, sand texture, filters, and sketched effects. These effects will make your labels more exquisite and attractive to people, who are about to get your products. Also, texture effects help you carve a diverse look for your product and help you gain consumer attention.

  1. Shadow effects

Another way to make your custom labels is by using light and shadow effects. These effects will lend a unique 3-D effect to the labels. It will add creativity and elegance to make your label appear life-like and tangible. By making use of shadow effects you can easily add subtle nuances to them.

To sum up, in this article, just four custom label printing techniques are highlighted, there are much more, which any reputed custom label printing agency to get most for their clients. Therefore, you need utter care while choosing a custom label company- search the internet and ask your friend and relative to select the best.


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