Why Smoking-Related Gifts Make The Best Christmas Presents

Smoking, be it cigarettes or the more modern vapes, is widely reviled by healthy living people. Where once they were fashionable and trendy, the last decade or two has seen them become hugely unfashionable due to their cancer risks and other negative health connotations. But that is not to say that they are not still very popular with the people who enjoy them. Smokers are not oblivious to the associated health risks, they simply prefer to smoke. They say that the enjoyment they derive from smoking outweighs anything else and as such they choose not to stop. This all goes to show that when it comes to smoking people have very strong opinions and preferences. And it is for this reason that smoking-related gifts are great to give – because they tend to be enjoyed and appreciated. Here are a few ideas for smoking-related gifts that you can give this Christmas.

Think electronic

One of the biggest advantages of e-cigarettes is the fact that there are so many tastes and flavours available. Most vapers will experiment with different flavour liquids, so it is a great opportunity for you to get creative. Look to buy e-cigarette liquid in a couple of flavours, and if you are really brave, commit to sampling some of them with your mate. Flavours that you could choose from including buttered popcorn, cinnamon, mint or strawberry, and banana. Clearly a very wide array of options. So, go wild.

Something old-fashioned

Don’t bother shelling out for regular cigarettes, they probably will be appreciated, but this tends to be something that the smoker buys for themselves. Rather, look to find something a little out of the ordinary – like a cigar. Cigars are something of an acquired taste, but the reality is, if your person smokes already, then they are halfway there. Cigars are flavourful and they can be very expensive. Maybe, don’t just buy the cigar shell out for a night at a cigar bar. That way you can enjoy the experience together and sample a range of different products.

Think communal

If you are looking for a gift that a smoker will enjoy, but which has an element of fun and community associated with it as well, how about a hubbly bubbly or hookah pipe. These pipes are great for evenings with friends, where you can all sit around and puff away at whatever product is powering the pipe. Much like an e-cigarette, these pipes are great for regular smokes and others alike, due to the fact that what is inhaled is water-cooled and devoid of harmful toxins. This makes for a smooth and flavourful smoking experience that doesn’t burn the lungs. Picture the scene, a group of friends sitting at a pool or on the beach, sipping a beer or some wine and quietly sharing a hubbly together. It is a great summer experience and if you have a friend who enjoys smoking, you cannot go too far wrong with this as a gift.   

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