5 New Age Ways To Agricultural Appointments

Agricultural Appointments

Economic activities of every country can be broadly divided mainly into three broad categories: agriculture, industry and services.Amongst these activities agriculture is one of the most primitive ways humans discover to sustain themselves. But now with proper agricultural appointments, this primitive practice can be turned into a lucrative business. 

Modern agricultural improvements

In the last few decades many new methods have come that have transformed farming practices across the globe. With less manpower we can now cultivate larger plots of lands. Advent of modern seed has helped grow better quality crops. New and improved fertilizers help in cropping the same land through multiple seasons. 

Techniques of smart agriculture for the modern man

For the man of the twenty-first century it’s all about new age technology. Something as primitive as agriculture, is now done by genetic modeling and AI techniques. 

There are 5 examples of such appointments that have proven to be path breaking.

Here it comes- 

  • Genetic remodeling of seeds and animals has been taken to the next level. Scientists now try to tweak the basic DNA of farm animals to get better quality meat. 
  • Age old agricultural appointments, of plowing the field by hand and planting seeds is just too time consuming. It is hard labor as well. Ultra modern drones now can fly over large fields and scatter the seeds in no time.
  • As we try to preserve forests and try to reduce our farm lands, vertical farming has proven to be a simple but effective solution. When we plant our crops in vertical arrangements rather than expanding vertically we can have the same yield from less area. 
  • Block chain technology is relatively new to the agricultural sectors. But is definitely the future for farm oriented businesses. Remote transactions and better self enforcing contracts make it a sweet deal. 
  • AI farming machines are the robots helping to feed people. Now even tractors can be driven without humans. This reduces labor requirements for farming. That labor can now participate in industrial or other services to build a modern society. Also low labor requirements reduce cost of production.

 Future of agricultural practices

The pace at which technology is advancing, it would be foolish to make predictions about the future. Also with stimulated environments farming is practiced to learn more about farming in adverse environments .No one could imagine the agricultural appointments that are now in use fifty years from now. All we can do is adapt to the new and use it for our benefit without harming nature. 

There is no doubt in the fact that many more advancements in agriculture are already in progress. Research and development all over the world is carried out to solve food crisis problems of the world. One must never forget that there are still people in this world who die every day due to hunger. 

There are many ways in which research is changing the way we cultivate and consume food. Each day something new is being learnt or discovered which will help future generations. 

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