Most businesses nowadays, use social media for promotions and to reach out to customers. You probably know why. It’s super user – friendly, it’s vast and it’s interesting. Literally half the world remains hooked on for hours each day so it’s not a bad idea to try and grow here. If your company is one of the smart ones, you will most certainly have a page or official account for business related communications. You may even promote your posts to make them visible to a wider audience. But, how do you track their performance? That’s where you need one of these cool things – a social media monitoring tool. We’ll give you the best ones to choose from!


ReviewTrackers is obviously a very good choice. It is an award-winning online review management and feedback platform with 30,000 business locations connected to it! Read that number again. It can analyze data from 80 sources like TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook – the ones you use, basically. Apart from the collection of data, it also uses review monitoring tools to measure the performance of single business locations to give you personalized and detailed feedback about your online performance.


Hootsuite’s free plan can let you access up to three profiles. It analyses data from a variety of apps all in one place – ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn. Your Hootsuite account will include insights, analytics, and real-time results that could help you understand the number of clicks you’re getting and how your pages are performing over a span of time. It also has a growing App Directory that connects you to existing businesses and content.


Owler is basically a monitoring tool to keep a check on your competitors. Ah! Now you’re interested. Owler is a free platform and each day, it accesses over 11,000 articles in the news and another 22,000 blog posts to end up with a detailed processed report for you. You just need to sign up and publish your blog post and the tool will pick it up through RSS feeds. Owler’s snapshot feature gives you a hand – curated mail on the latest news related to the companies you follow. Use this to your credit!


Topsy has a different approach to the entire business. It ranks companies based on the most influential Twitter conversations on a specific term, topic or domain. You could effectively use it as a tool to curate and filter content, while identifying the most competitive companies or most influential brands. However, you may not find all mentions of your brand since it displays results solely based on influence. Nevertheless, give it a try!


TweetDeck, as the name suggests is meant exclusively for Twitter handles. Twitter is a massive online platform, one of the largest – you can and probably do use this microblogging site extensively. This tool will help you track the reactions around a post – both positive and negative. You can view lists and of course, the greatest influencers and their activity. TweetDeck has an exclusive sentiment filter where you can use the “:)” and “:(“ emoticons to track the sentiment around a post.


We’ll conclude our list with Viralheat. Viralheat monitors your as well as your competitors’ social media accounts to give you personalized feedback on topics and trending conversations which will suit the current span of time. It can work on a large variety of sites, so this is a very good resource to get everything done in one place.

We’ve given you the best of places to choose from. If you don’t believe us, why not give it a try? All of these tools are super-efficient, fast and easy to use. Now, with these to help you out, you’ll certainly be one step ahead. All the best and give us a like!

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